Who rides Vermithor in “House of the Dragon?” Origins, Size, Explained


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Warning: this article contains spoilers for Dragon House.

Dragon House introduced viewers to several dragons that House Targaryen possessed prior to the events of game of thrones. However, it was revealed that not all dragons were wanted by the horsemen and the Blacks might need to get their hands on them, especially if they want to take back the throne from the Greens.

What makes things more convenient is that most unclaimed dragons reside in the caverns around Dragonstone, not The Dragonpit. And one of them was Vermithor, a dragon that the Daemon Prince came to visit in the Season 1 finale. So who is Vermithor and who is this dragon’s rider?

Who rides Vermithor in Dragon House? origins, size, explained

Vermithor is a large bronze dragon and is said to be almost a hundred years old. Of all the dragons that exist in the series, only Aegon the Conqueror’s Balerion and Aemond Targaryen’s Vhagar have been described as being larger than Vermithor. Jaehaerys I Targaryen was Vermithor’s former rider before his death and passed the crown to King Viserys I.

According to Daemon, while House Targaryen has claimed many dragons, Vermithor, along with a few others, still has no horsemen throughout the events of Dragon House. Since then, this dragon resides in one of the caverns near Dragonstone. In the show, Prince Daemon paid a visit to the Great Dragon as Princess Rhaenyra spoke with her allies about their plans. However, it is unknown if he managed to claim the dragon or not.

Vermithor is more likely to receive a Rider by the events of Season 2, as according to the books Vermithor was ready to accept new Riders during the “Dance of the Dragons”.

First season of Dragon House is now available to stream on HBO Max.


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