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Genshin Impact’s new housing system allows players to choose between one of three realms, but choosing one can be difficult for players.

The latest update of Genshin Impact surprised fans when he revealed he would be adding accommodations. Naturally, the magical world of Teyvat not only offers players a plot of their own, it provides them with a Serenitea pot that has what is essentially a pocket dimension inside. After completing the quest to unlock the Serenitea Jar and accessing the player’s new home for the first time, they will be tasked with selecting a kingdom. Which kingdom the player chooses will determine the layout of their land as well as the background and landscape, so this is an important cosmetic decision.


At the moment, there are only three realms available for Genshin Impact‘s Serenitea Pot, but that could change in the future. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t give the player any insight before asking them to make their decision, so many players instead search online to see what the options look like.

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Genshin Impact – Kingdom of the Emerald Peak

Housing Kingdom Styles Genshin Impact

The first realm that players can choose for their new home is Emerald Peak. This places the player’s house on top of a tall mountain, and players will see similar mountains springing from the clouds around them. This area is visually very similar to the mountainous regions of Liyue, with magnificent waterfalls and dizzying peaks.

Genshin Impact – Cool Isle

Housing Kingdom Styles Genshin Impact

For players who prefer to live closer to the ground, the Cool Isle offers a great mix of benefits. Although the housing area itself is on grass, there are sandy beaches around that the player can access and water as far as the eye can see. For comparison, this area looks a lot like Liyue’s Yaoguang Shoal.

Genshin Impact – Floating House

Housing Kingdom Styles Genshin Impact

Finally, players who want a more mystical atmosphere in their home can choose the Floating Abode style. This sees the player’s house sitting on top of a floating island, with similarly hanging island clusters floating around it. It appears to be modeled after the abodes of the Adepti, who often reside in mystical places like this one.

Genshin Impact – Change Kingdom Style

Genshin impact 1-5 update

Eventually, players will be able to change the kingdom style in their Serenitea pot, so this choice is not 100% final. That said, players will need to achieve Confidence Levels high enough to unlock more Styles, and then each Style will cost the purchase of Realm Currency. Since players will be with whichever realm they choose first for some time, choose carefully from the three options.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC and PS4, and later on Switch.

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