What are the best mustaches on book covers for Movember?


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Movember means you’re going to see a lot more hairy men – at least between their lips and their noses in November. Men are encouraged to grow their mustaches – if they’re not already Tom Selleck – for awareness: “Our work in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer has not never been so important – and we’ve never needed you so much. .“

It all started in a bar and was all fun and games in the early 2000s when Travis Garone and Luke Slattery decided to bring back the mustache that was out of style. When they realized that growing people a mustache created conversation, they decided it could be used for a good cause. So they decided to use it to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) and they haven’t stopped since.

What started in Australia has now spread around the world with many countries joining and many projects being supported and funded to help men and boys with mental health and wellbeing. And there are ways to get involved and help out – obviously, with the whole thing growing a mustache to raise money, but there are also other ways for anyone who isn’t male or doesn’t identify not to traditional views of masculinity to participate – but the site still erroneously has a ton of binary gender language that excludes transgender and non-binary people. For those who want to participate, there is Move for Movember; Organize a Mo-ment; Mo your way. And if you need some mustache inspiration, I’ve got some of my favorite book cover mustaches for you. I mean, of course, I was going to make it bookish too!

The Unexpected Legacy of Inspector Chopra (Baby Ganesh Agency Investigation #1) by Vaseem Khan

There’s a baby elephant AND a mustache on this cover so of course I was going to start with that. It seems appropriate for a book about a detective to have such a nailed-on mustache trope, but add a cute patootie wittle elephant left in a heirloom and things get amazing.

    Cover image of La Mustache

The Mustache of Emmanuel Carrère

Okay, so it’s the opposite of Movember and more early December when a lot of mustaches get shaved off but look at this cover. It should be hung on a wall. Also, here for the cover of El bigote (Spanish edition).

song of the night cover image

Beverly Jenkins Night Song

Beverly Jenkins covers night song tell the story of How It Started/How It’s Going but upside down: the first published cover had a very handsome, muscular, shirtless man with – important for this post – a full mustache, as seen here . The current cover seems to have found another muscled but razor-loving man.

Mr. Mustache cover image

Mr. Mustache by Adam Hargreaves

The Lorax cover image

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Speaking of nostalgia! I can’t leave out the hairiest little mustache. It seems particularly fitting for a campaign to raise awareness to include a book not only with a big mustache on the cover, but one that was created to raise awareness of man’s destruction of nature.

Cover image of Paddle Your Own Canoe

Paddle Your Own Canoe: A Man’s Fundamentals for a Delightful Life by Nick Offerman

Tom Selleck walked so Nick Offerman could run. Or something? Either way, there was no way I would forget about a dude known for his mustache who put that mustache on a book cover. Leslie Knope would never allow it!

Karma Khullars Mustache Cover Image

Kristi Wientge’s Karma Khullar Mustache

And I’m going to end with two of my favorite mustaches on book covers that are on checkers. I love the graphics on this cover and for anyone that society considers not supposed to have a mustache growing up, this book sees you!

    Cover image of TJ Powar has something to prove

TJ Powar Has Something to Prove by Jesmeen Kaur Deo (2022, Viking Books for Young Readers)

Not much has changed for a middle school girl’s fuzzy upper lip in high school. Here we have a romantic comedy and TJ Powar, who puts down all the hair removal items and decides to prove that she can be beautiful while being hairy.

Whether you’re joining Movember or looking for a more gender-inclusive and LGBTQ+ organization to help educate about cancer care, take the time to educate yourself and talk to friends and family about mental health checkups, prostate and testicles to know the warning signs.


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