Twitch is experimenting with a significant change to the layout of categories


Twitch plans to make adjustments to how viewers browse categories, which could be good for smaller channels, though some fans aren’t happy.

For those looking to get into streaming, chances are Tic will be the first site that will come to mind. Even though streaming platforms have generally seen a drop in growth, which could be due to the “end” of the pandemic, the Amazon-owned service is still the big boss in video game streaming, despite the many controversies that swirl around. the website regularly. And a new change is currently being tested which could be useful for discovering smaller channels, although some viewers have not been happy with it so far.


A recent tweet and accompanying clip from Twitch partner Lowco discusses an upcoming change to the layout of the site, specifically the categories section. Currently, viewers scroll through a series of streams that play the game they want to see and click on the channels they want to watch. However, the update being tested will allow users to view a live stream without opening it. In other words, it will automatically start playing a chosen stream in a small window right on the category page. Lowco shows that these previews are around a minute long, with the ability to play audio, allowing users to decide whether or not to visit the channel.

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Lowco thinks this could be useful for discovering smaller Twitch content creators and channels. One thing the streamer noticed was that these autoplay previews didn’t show any pre-roll ads. It can’t be said if this will be changed once the update actually rolls out at this point. However, while this may be beneficial for smaller channels, some people seem unhappy with this new layout change.

According to a report from PC Gamer, a thread on Reddit shows that some users aren’t happy with the feature, with some even saying it will cause them to switch from Twitch to YouTube. While many in the thread haven’t really seen a problem, it seems the main issue a few people have with the experimental update is the fact that it autoplays videos and takes up quite a bit of space on the category page. However, Lowco showed in their clip that the video can be scaled down to be a bit smaller.

Whether this is a good thing or not depends on what the individual thinks of the videos that play while browsing. The change means viewers don’t have to engage with a channel to get a feel for what the stream looks like. Twitch often deals with controversies, like when it comes to banning users, not to mention last year’s “hate raids,” but some may see this new layout as a good way to discover new creators. of content. Either way, change is unlikely to hit Tic from the top of the podium of its streaming platform.

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Source: Gamer on PC, Reddit


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