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A COUVA school has asked parents to buy a list of cleaning supplies for the new school term, and that is not suitable for parents.

Parents of students attending Couva Anglican Primary School were told that due to the reduction in financial support from the Department of Education, their help was needed to purchase the items.

An angry parent walked into Express House in Port of Spain yesterday morning to complain about the school’s demand.

“It’s not a list of books, it’s a grocery list!” She exclaimed, showing the Express a copy of a list of Standard Five books.

The cleaning products indicated on the document were:

a bottle of liquid soap (large format)

a pack of bin bags (jumbo)

a pack of 12 toilet paper (per family)

a one Lysol disinfectant wipes (large)

hand sanitizer (pocket size)

one-bottle sanitizer (not Pinesol)

a bottle of bleach

a two-roll paper towel

The single mom said the list of books was given to parents on the last day of school.

“They (school officials) said the education ministry was not helping them at all, and that’s why they’re asking parents to bring these items. It is not the first time. I used to send some of the things they ask for, but my daughter said she never got to use them. They have already asked for toilet paper but there was never any toilet paper in the toilet, ”lamented the parent. “I know some schools ask for a contribution every term and I don’t mind sending a few things if they need it, but it’s out of control now. Honestly, I can’t afford it because I’m a single mom struggling to make ends meet. “

List of books recalled

Contacted yesterday, a school official confirmed that book lists containing the list of cleaning supplies had been sent to parents, but have since been recalled.

The school announced the recall on its Facebook page yesterday.

“Parents, please note that all book lists have been recalled. The official list of books bears the school stamp, a signature and a date. Parents are not required to purchase non-school items on the book list. All book lists can be retrieved from the security post from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

The Express sought comments from Education Minister Anthony Garcia on the matter, but all calls on his cell phone went unanswered.


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