The Frazetta Buck Rogers comic book covers that influenced Star Wars



Buck rogers has been one of the most enduring science fiction classics in American history since its debut in Amazing stories volume 3 number 5 in 1928. From these pulp origins, it has spread to become a popular favorite across media including comics, film, television and much more. Legendary artist Frank frazetta created eight Buck Rogers covers for the long-running comic book series Famous Funny in 1953/54 (of which the publisher sadly rejected a ninth cover for being too violent. the cover of Strange Science-Fantasy # 29 from EC Comics in 1955) which became very influential in their own right. Six of Frazetta Buck Rogers’ cover numbers are available in today’s session of Weekly Online Sales of Sunday & Monday Comics, Animation, Video Games & Art 122108 heritage auction.

Famous Funnies # 214, Frank Frazetta cover, 1954.
Famous Funnies # 214, Frank Frazetta cover, 1954.

As we have seen recently, Buck Rogers has had a decisive influence on numbers ranging from Star Trek Creator Roddenberry Gene to the creators of Superman Jerry Siegel and Joe shuster. But the combination of Frazetta and Buck Rogers had a special magic, according to Star wars Creator Georges lucas:

“When George Lucas came to visit me, he told me that my Famous Funnies covers had been one of his inspirations for Star Wars,” says Frazetta, “which I thought was kind enough to say.” Fans were disappointed when they learned Frank had turned down Lucas’ offer to paint the cover of a Star Wars novelty and were mystified when his commercials for the “Battlestar Galactica” derivative began appearing weekly. in the TV Guide. “The simple answer,” says Frazetta, “is that I was able to paint whatever I wanted and I kept my originals and my copyright. I couldn’t have kept either if I had accepted the Star Wars job and I wouldn’t have had a lot of creative freedom, that would have been a step back for me.

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