The Daily Wire, for the first time, reveals the size of its paid subscriber base


With nearly 600,000 subscribers now paying for one of its three membership tiers – the benefits of which include access to a growing list of feature films, podcasts and eventually children’s shows, among other content – one could say that the conservative media The daily thread is close to surpassing its name. Or, at least, that part of his name implying the fire hose of information obtained from something like a news wire.

Admittedly, a mix of quick takes and original reporting still forms the centerpiece of The Daily Wire operation. But starting with the rollout a few years ago of what turned out to be a successful paywall, under the leadership of co-CEO Jeremy Boreing, the company has also matured to the point where its multifaceted business ambitions feel at least conceptually more aligned with an editor like The New York Times than with the idea of ​​a niche, narrowly targeted partisan site.

Broadly speaking, that means the Nashville-based company has built up a robust subscription business, along with a healthy (but not overly) reliance on ad revenue. Is that also part of the mix? Benefits exclusive to subscribers and adjacent to news that over time serve to get married The daily thread and its paying customers in an increasingly close relationship. That’s the plan, anyway.

Along the same lines, Boreing takes a dim view of the Blanche DuBois hat-trick approach that he says is pervasive among his peers in the conservative media. Like The Daily Wire the CEO sees, relying too much on the kindness of strangers — more specifically, advertisers and nonprofit donors — is doing it at your peril.

“We want to be a media company in the traditional sense,” Boreing told me in an interview. Not just a news website company, although that’s the thing The daily thread is still the best known and which has made it one of the best publishers on Facebook. However, the company’s ambitions are much broader.

While other Conservative news and media companies are known largely for sites built around voice-y takes on the news of the day, perhaps with commentary video for the public to consume, The daily thread also began debuting in original films. It even now sells direct-to-consumer goods, like razors and razor kits – which, on the face of it, might seem as logical as The Washington Post manage a TikTok account or The New York Times buy viral pun.

What Boreing and company are trying to do is bring a viable business model to a profession that is also rooted in a modern conservative worldview. The aforementioned razors are an example of this. When Harry’s razors pulled its advertisements from The daily thread about the content of the site and its political leanings, Boreing basically said — fine, we’ll start selling an alternative product.

Thus was born Jeremy’s razors, which in its first 10 days following the March 22 launch had already sold 50,000 Razor Kits and subscriptions, according to Boreing. Additionally, only 30% of razor subscriptions were for existing products. daily thread the subscribers.

“Quite often, conservatives have a very bleak view of the future,” Boreing told me. “We decided to The daily thread that it is not enough to lament our losses in culture, in the economy. We must offer alternatives. And so that’s what we do. We believe that we can participate in building the future, and not just mourn the past.

“And I think that resonates not only with a large conservative audience who are tired of losing and feel like all we have left is to keep losing – but with a young conservative audience, in particular. They weren’t here for, in quotes, the good old days. And they didn’t give up. They still have to live in this world and they want to be part of building what is going to be.

The Daily Wire, in numbers

As for what this company, which Boreing co-founded with co-CEO Caleb Robinson and conservative commentator Ben Shapirocurrently looks like:

  • The daily thread now has a run rate approaching $150 million, annualized.
  • It is approaching 200 full-time employees
  • The company also produces 250 pieces of content (including several dozen written articles) per day. And now, for the first time, The daily thread revealed the size of its paid subscriber base (the 600,000 figure above), which generates money that the company increasingly invests in content that has nothing to do with the news.

In addition to his list of podcasts (Shapiro’s is regularly in the Top 10 on Spotify, as well as on the Apple platform), The daily thread has a book publishing brand. He also releases original films, like his first title Run Hide Fight – who The Hollywood Reporter described as “sleek and compulsively watchable”.

A western directed by Gina Carano The daily threadcalled Terror in the prairieis coming this summer.

“Movies aren’t polemical,” says Boreing. “What’s important in our entertainment business is that we do entertainment first. What we say internally is that we want to create content that people want to see. Not happy that they want to for want to see.”

The fight against “woke media companies”

Along the same lines, Boreing has announced in recent days that The daily thread “will also invest a minimum of $100 million over the next three years in a range of live and animated children’s entertainment on its streaming platform.” Americans, his announcement continued, are “tired of giving their money to woke media companies.” It’s a clear blow to Disney, whose management hasn’t just decided to lobby against Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

The children’s animation and content giant also intends to produce content with “lots and lots” of LGBTQIA characters, according to Karey Burke, president of content for Disney’s General Entertainment.

Boring, meanwhile, says The daily thread had already planned to go down this road. What’s happening with Disney hasn’t accelerated his company’s plans, only announced them.

“We believe the left has essentially infiltrated and taken over every major institution in American public life, including most corporations,” he told me. “And we think they take 50% of Americans for granted because they know that no matter how much they insult us publicly as they signal virtue in front of the crowd, we’re still going to give them our money because we have need for their goods and services.”

Boreing continued, “With our children’s content, we’re not going to challenge our audience at all. We’re going to be a very safe place. Where a parent, a conservative parent, can feel very confident sitting their child in front of our children’s entertainment offering without having to worry about having to screen the content first.

Two Daily Wire children’s shows already in the works

So far, the company has already brought to light two children’s shows and six scripts are deeply embedded in one of them. The other important thing to note here: Boreing recognizes that entertainment content is difficult, as everyone from Netflix to the smallest and most obscure streamer can attest. Considering the large initial outlay required, as well as the nature of the roulette wheel, whether something turns into a success or not.

The daily thread already has at least one thing to do, however. The company clearly knows how to not only give their audience a product they want, but also convince a critical mass of that audience to pay for it. “Conservatives have become very good at profiting from failure,” Boreing said. “But with a for-profit business, you only win by winning. The daily thread only make money when we win.


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