The cheapest full-size cars to own include the Dodge Charger


If you’re a car buyer looking for a full-size car that can move the whole family or all your friends, you have a choice. However, some full-size sedans are too expensive to own with high gas prices or high maintenance costs. So if you want to drive your big sedan for less, here are KBB’s picks for the cheapest full-size cars to own over five years, like the Dodge Charger.

  • Toyota Avalon Hybrid
  • Chrysler 300
  • dodge charger
  • volkswagen arteon

Is the Avalon Hybrid worth it?

The Toyota Avalon is an underrated car and a great option for buyers looking for affordable luxury. Additionally, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) gives the Avalon Hybrid its No. 1 spot on the list of cheapest full-size cars to own over a five-year period. Specifically, the Toyota Avalon Hybrid has a cost of ownership of $47,376 over five years.

While that overall price is close to other cars on KBB’s list, the Avalon Hybrid shines with its fuel economy. In fact, the Avalon Hybrid’s five-year fuel costs are $5,481, nearly half that of the V6-powered Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300.

2022 Toyota Avalon | Toyota

Are Chryslers expensive to maintain?

The Chrylser 300 takes second place on the list of least expensive full-size cars and has the lowest maintenance cost of the top four lists. With an average maintenance cost of $3,645 over five years, the Chrysler 300 costs almost $1,000 less to maintain than a comparable Avalon hybrid. However, the relatively thirsty Pentastar V6 engine pushes the five-year cost above $48,000.

The Chrysler 300, like this one, and the Dodge Charger are KBB choices for the cheapest full-size cars.
Chrysler 300S 2022 | Stellantide

Are Dodge Chargers expensive cars?

The Dodge Charger offers everything from an affordable full-size family car with a V6 engine to tire-shredding supercharged V8 power. However, in terms of KBB’s list of affordable full-size vehicles, the Pentastar V6-powered variant is your cheapest option. The Dodge Charger has an overall cost of ownership of $49,004, making it more expensive than the Avalon Hybrid and Chrylser 300.

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Is the Volkswagen Arteon one of KBB’s cheapest full-size cars?

The Volkswagen Arteon is one of KBB’s least expensive full-size cars to own over a five-year period. However, although the Arteon has lower fuel and insurance costs than the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger, it lacks other capabilities. The Volkswagen Arteon depreciates more than the Dodge and Chrysler, totaling $23,036 over five years. Still, with an overall cost of ownership of $49,488, the Volkswagen Arteon is on the list of least expensive full-size cars.

The Volkswagen Arteon makes the list of the cheapest full-size sedans to own.
Volkswagen Arteons | Mohssen Assanimoghaddam, Getty Images

Should you buy one of KBB’s picks for the cheapest full-size cars?

If you want a full-size car with proven reliability and top-notch fuel economy, consider the latest Toyota Avalon hybrids. However, if you want more torque or something with an American badge, you might want to consider some of the latest Dodge and Chrysler internal combustion (ICE) sedans available, like the Charger. Still, Kelley’s Blue Book suggests you’re likely to save on the competition with one of these full-size cars.

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