The best book covers of June 2019


From the striking illustration of Jor Ros for Patron Saints of Nothing to Cody Comrie’s eye-catching art for The body in question, this gallery’s designs feature some of the best book covers of June. Click on the images to browse our top picks celebrating the designers and illustrators we love.

If you would like to see even more book covers, you can check out our galleries of the best book covers of 2018 and the best book covers of May 2019. We also recommend that you visit both Spine review‘s and The occasional optimist websites, because they’ve introduced us to many of our favorite designs this month.

Design by Tyler Comrie; (head) illustration by Justin Metz; (feet) photograph by George Sheldon / Alamy; (mains) photography by Fabrice LeRouge / Getty Images

Design by Jakob Vala; illustration by John James Audubon

Design by Darren Haggar; photo by Sam Contis

Design by Alison Klapthor; illustration by Mercedes de Bellard

Design by Jaya Miceli

Design by Dana Li; Jor Ros illustration

Design by Janet Hansen; illustration by Cody Comrie

Design by Jared Oriel


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