The best book covers of January 2018


Pastry gives a lot of love to authors, but we also love to celebrate the book cover designers and illustrators whose work is jumping off the shelves. From Will Staehle’s intriguing perspective on The infinite future to the charming art of Nina Cosford for Meet cute, the 10 cover designs in this gallery are a feast for the eyes.

If you want to see even more gorgeous book covers, I recommend you visit both Spine review‘s and The occasional optimist websites. They’ve introduced me to most of my favorites this month, and you can get lost for hours looking at the artwork on each site.

* Rather than categorizing the covers, I ranked them in an aesthetic order.

Ink by Alice Broadway

Cover design by Andrew Biscomb and Elizabeth B. Parisi; illustration by Jamie Gregory

The infinite future by Tim Wirkus

Cover design by Will Staehle

(Staehle also designed two Pastryfavorite book covers of 2017.)

The Immortalists by Chloé Benjamin

Cover design and illustration by Sandra Chiu

Nice try, Jane Sinner by Lianne Oelke

Cover design by Colin Mercer

Neon in daylight by Hermione Hoby

Cover design by Strick & Williams

The beyond by Thomas Pierce

Cover design by Grace Han

(Han also did the lettering for one of the Pastryfavorite book covers of 2017.)

Love, hate and other filters by Samira Ahmed

Cover design by Janine Argo and illustration by Cannaday Chapman

(Pastryrevealed the cover of this wonderful book last summer.)

The hazel tree by Mélissa Albert

Cover design by Jim Tierney

Meet cute

Cover design by Mallory Grigg and illustration by Nina Cosford

The wasp’s job by Colin Winnette

Cover design by Michael Salu


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