The best book covers of fall 2019


Based on the striking illustration by Matt Griffin for Dune to Sarahmay Wilkinson’s haunting interpretation of Criminal, this gallery’s creations feature some of the best book covers of the season. Click on the images to browse our top picks for August, September, and October that celebrate the designers and illustrators we love.

If you’d like to see even more book covers, you can check out our gallery of the best book covers of 2019 (so far). We also recommend that you visit both Spine review‘s and The occasional optimist websites, because they introduced us to many of our favorite designs.

Design by Adam Auerbach and Matt Griffin; matt griffin illustration

Design by Catherine Casalino

Design by Laywan Kwan; artistic direction by Steve Attardo; artwork by Fehamu Pecou

Design by Sarahmay Wilkinson

Design by Olga Grlic; kevin wada illustration

Design by Owen Gildersleeve

(We revealed the cover in February and learned that Gildersleeve had hand-cut the layers of the letters.)

Design by Keith Hayes

Design by David Litman

Design by Tyler Comrie

Design by Michel Vrana


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