The best book covers of 2019 (so far)


We’ve judged the books by their covers for this gallery of the best designs of 2019 (so far), and the results are mind blowing. From the striking illustration of Jor Ros for Patron Saints of Nothing to Grace Han’s creative vision Bangkok wakes up in the rain, these 19 designs feature our favorite book covers of the year. Click on the images to browse our picks celebrating the designers and illustrators we love.

If you would like to see even more book covers, you can check out our galleries of the best book covers of 2018 and the best book covers of June 2019. We also recommend that you visit both Spine review‘s and The occasional optimist websites, because they introduced us to many of our favorite designs.

Design by Grace Han

Design by Regina Flath; illustration by Aykut Aydogdu

Design by Baily Crawford

Design by Pete Garceau

Design by Jessie Gang; illustration by Elliana Esquivel

Design by Will Staehle

Design by Mark R. Robinson; photograph by Paul Antoine

Design by Karina Granda; illustration by Dana Ledl

Design by Kelly Blair

Design by Paul Coomey; illustration by hatecopy


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