The best book covers of 2016


As ornamental as the covers of books are, they are also entry points to good and bad ideas that shed light on our possible futures. Conventional wisdom dictates that an uninteresting book cover should never prevent a worthwhile idea from taking hold. And yet so much convention and so much wisdom has turned out to be wrong this year that during my most histrionic moments, I wonder how many examples exist throughout history in which book covers have acted against human worth. potential of the books they are. wrapped around.

So here are 12 reasons to be less fatalistic and more optimistic. These covers are stimulating without being impenetrable and playful without being precious, which is no easy task for a designer. If good design can lure us into an experience that makes us smarter, then we hit the jackpot when the book allows us to spend time in the free space of a stranger. To that end, the choices and considerations that went into each of these covers were compelling enough that I got rid of the noise, turned away from my screen, and dragged myself into someone else’s world for about 250. pages. In a caustic year in which we have been driven to an almost constant distraction, this makes efficient design a superpower.


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