The bedroom layout mistake that keeps you awake at night



A feng shui expert shared a bedroom mirror error that could wreak havoc on your sleep. Whether you often apply the rules of Chinese philosophy to your interior decorating decisions – or just want to make your bedroom feel more zen – this tip is worth noting.

When it comes to Feng Shui in a bedroom, expert Vicky Sweetlove says you should always avoid placing a mirror at the end of your bed.

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There are a lot of things to keep in mind when thinking about how to design a bedroom and it can get a bit overwhelming at times. But in our own experience, having a mirror (or TV – sorry!) Facing you in bed is never a good idea.

First, it always makes us feel like someone is watching us. Also, since mirrors double the energy in the room, it doesn’t really help create a relaxing atmosphere. Try turning your mirror and see if it’s different.

The sleep experts at MattressNextDay spoke to feng shui consultant Vicky Sweetlove, who agrees with us on this point. “When a mirror is placed in front of the bed, it reflects everyone in the bed,” she comments.

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“It’s symbolic of having a third party in the relationship,” says Vicky. So if you are looking for tips on how to sleep well, you may just need to move your mirror away from the bed.

If it’s a tilted mirror, give it a quick try in the hallway. It will work so much better there to check your outfit before going out – or maybe in front of a window in your living room if there is enough space to double the natural light.

Many feng shui professionals say that placing a mirror in front of your bed could promote insomnia. According to philosophy, when we sleep at night, our soul leaves the body.

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When the soul sees its own reflection, it is shocked – and it is said that it could cause bad dreams. Along with this, when your soul leaves the body, it may mistake the mirror image for the “real body”.

Adding a mirror is the book’s oldest trick for creating light and a feeling of space, but when it comes to your bedroom, think carefully about where it needs to go …



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