Taifang aims for ultra-thin, large-size forcepad solution in PC trackpads


BEIJING, Nov. 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Taifang Tech, a pioneer in force touch technologies, has developed an ultra-thin haptic touch trackpad module for the next generation of laptops.

“Since all three Lenovo laptops have been using our forcepad solution, we have continuously developed our Elastic Wave force solutions,” said Charles, CEO of Taifang. “Our commitment to customer satisfaction has motivated us to continue to improve and innovate.

Taifang provided a fantastic seamlessly designed forcepad solution for Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro13s which started selling on Christmas 2019. 4 years after Apple launched its first forcepad, the Windows series laptop has finally caught up with this innovation. with this new Elastic Wave technology which did not infringe Apple’s forcepad patent, and also achieved the first transparent laptop C cover design.

At January 1st 2020, the Yoga pro 14s / 14c, also brought Elastic Wave technology to high-end models of Lenovo laptops.

The sensors detect the elastic wave signal generated by the contact and perform the tactile recognition based on the corresponding relationship of the position, strength and pattern of the signals.

Using self-developed Elastic Wave-based Touch / Force Sensing technologies, Taifang intends to meet the growing demand from laptop manufacturers for rich haptic touch experiences in new industrial designs sporting smaller form factors. and thinner.

Meeting the demands of high reliability, perfect consistency, ultra-low power consumption and smaller size, Taifang makes it the perfect solution for the next forcepad module.

What will the next generation of laptop touchpad with touchscreen look like?

Trend 1: Large touchpad

The major OEMs are all planning large touchpads. The length of the touchpad goes from 100mm to 120mm, 150mm to 160mm, and even an ultra-large size of 300mm that covers the entire C-deck. laptops to play a bigger role as productivity tools. However, the user experience of the traditional clickpad worsens as the size increases, as the mechanical buttons will create a large space when pressed. Forcepad can solve this problem very well and becomes a must have feature.

Trend 2: ultra-thin laptop design

Laptops are getting thinner and thinner, while the battery capacity gets bigger and bigger. As a result, all OEMs are looking for a thinner forcepad module design. Some OEMs have defined 2mm or even thinner as the forcepad module requirement. In this condition, strain gauge solutions will not work because there is not enough strain space. Other solutions that require a backing design will not either as it will be very difficult and even impossible to meet the thickness requirements with a backing design.

Taifang’s competitive advantages in large size and ultra-thin forcepad

Taifang’s elastic wave force solution offers the best force performance with few force sensors and simple design even for large sizes.

For windowed type forcepad, only 4 force sensors can cover any size design. For a seamless design forcepad, 8 force sensors can cover the ultra-large 300mm forcepad. Few force transducers mean simple design and low cost.

No support is needed. As a result, the total thickness of the strength solution can be 2.0mm. It also has an ultra-thin 1.5mm design.

Taifang force transducers and integrated circuits are assembled by SMT. It is easy to design and manufacture.

The efficiency rate is high due to simple design and rich MP experience.

Both single-level and multi-level force uniformity is less than 5% regardless of its medium or large size design.

Taifang Tech was founded in 2015, with its head office in Beijing, and branches in Taiwan, Japan, and the United States. Taifang is the world’s first and only solderless MP forcepad supplier.

Elastic wave is a kind of mechanical wave that is generated and propagated inside any rigid object (eg: glass, PMMA) when a touch or knock event occurs, such as pressure or tapping on the glass surface. It is a fundamental physical property of rigid materials, so Taifang’s strength solution supports various C coating materials like glass, mylar, PMMA, etc.

SOURCE Taifang Tech Co. Ltd


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