“Success is not determined by the size of the brain but by the size of its thought”


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Success isn’t so much determined by the size of your brain as it is by the size of your mind. High thoughts set the stage for high success.

CA Ishani Maheshwari said this while addressing a book review session organized by the Indore Management Association on the book “The Magic of Thinking Big”.

The speaker for the session was Ishani who is a Chartered Accountant, Life & Mindset Coach, Public Influencer, Cognitive Thinker and City Writer. She shed light on various aspects of success. She said that success is defined by 4 pillars: personal prosperity, gaining admiration, freedom and self-respect.

Always think of success, don’t think of failure. Because “when you believe I can do it” the “how to do it” is developed unconsciously by the mind. “
People who fail suffer from a mind-boggling disease called “Excusitis”. People with poor accomplishments have many excuses not to do something. There are many excuses, but they are generally categorized as health excuse, intelligence excuse, age excuse, or luck excuse.

She said the biggest fear we should overcome is “the fear of others.” Developing an understanding attitude towards others and keeping a balanced view of the other is the remedy to overcome this fear.

To think confidently, you have to act confidently. Always be in the front, practice making eye contact, practice speaking, walking confidently, and smiling big. Don’t sell yourself short. The majority of people suffer from a mental illness of self-deprecation. To become a great thinker, broaden your vision. Practice adding value to things, to people, and to yourself. Get a bigger view by lifting yourself up and becoming sympathetic to everyone.

Don’t let traditional thinking cripple your mind. ‘This is how we have been thinking for a hundred years, creativity has been murdered. Just tell yourself that there is no better way to do anything. There are as many better ways of doing something as there are creative minds. Practice asking and listening to people. Be receptive & experimental. Break fixed routines. Big people monopolize listening and small people monopolize speaking. To feel important, you have to look important. It’s nice to hear that people should be looking at a person’s intellect and not their clothes. Make no mistake about it.

People rate you on the basis of your appearance. Ask a soldier how he feels when he wears his uniform. Make your environment work for you. not against you. Don’t let gossip, non-performers, or other repressive forces overcome your spirit of action. Always seek out and learn from leaders and successful people. Get a lot of psychological sunshine by discovering new groups, new people. Go to first class.

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Posted on: Sunday December 12th, 2021 02:06 AM IST


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