Six book covers shortlisted for Oxford Bookstore’s ‘Book Cover Prize’


The Oxford Bookstore’ today announced the long-awaited slate for the seventh edition of its ‘Book Cover Prize’ at the Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival which kicked off in virtual mode.

A list of six book covers was chosen by the jury consisting of Dr Shashi Tharoor, Dr Alka Pande, Shobhaa De, Priti Paul, Kunal Basu and guest juror Emmanuel Lebrun-Damiens. The winner will be announced virtually later this year.

Announcing the shortlist, the Chair of the Prize Jury, Dr Alka Pande, said: “Never judging a book by its cover is a difficult axiom to follow. Invariably, we end up choosing a book because of the fascinating book cover. The 7th edition of the Oxford Book Cover Prize salutes the creative genius and diversity of the Indian graphic design community”.

In the sixth edition of the award, graphic designer Gunjan Ahlawat was honored for the book “Gun Island” by Amitav Ghosh, published by Hamish Hamilton, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

This year, the list of winning designers and book names are: Shashi Bushan Prasad for ‘Johpur Guns’, Vishak Raj for ‘Kerala Bakshanam Chrithram’, Gavin Morris for ‘Estuary’, Shreya Nayak for ‘Lotus Land’, Maithili Doshi for ‘Turmeric Nation’ and Ishan Khosla for ‘Kintsugi’.

The Oxford Bookstore Book Cover Prize is the first-of-its-kind honor for the splendor of book design, and an attempt by an iconic bookstore to collect and value the phenomenal work of artists, designers and distributors across the India. The new award recognizes the importance of illustrations, especially in our undeniably visual age, and hopes that a book cover translates and interprets the resulting content in a critical way that adds to its ultimate achievement, read the press release.


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