Sexy fruits on book covers


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It’s so much fun watching book cover trends as they unfold. There are so many examples lately: realistic illustrated covers in young adults, books with books on the cover, self-help books with the author on the cover, and, of course, the pound drop. One trend I’ve seen skyrocketing in recent years is an absolute delight: sexy fruit on the book covers!

Back in the 2000s, there were endless sex guides with sexy fruit on the covers, all with wonderfully hilarious titles like tickle her pickle, she comes first, and Passionist, but that’s not what we’re looking at today. Recent Sexy Fruit books run the gamut of genres and audiences, and generally don’t have blatant innuendos like tickle her pickle.

The most interesting book covers are those with sexy suggestive fruits on the book covers that are not categorized under the sexuality or eroticism sections. The memoirs, thrillers, and poetry that have weirdly erotic fruit on the covers are the ones that make you take a second peek and pick it up to read the synopsis or the first few pages.

Immerse yourself with me in these sexy fruit books on the covers. Hope you find your next good read – or at least that you’ll want to grab something healthy.

Sexy fruits on book covers

Anonymous sex

Anonymous sex Edited by Hillary Jordan and Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan

Don’t you like a strawberry that has a small ass? It’s a perfect choice for this anthology of erotica from some of today’s greatest writers – including Louise Erdrich, Chigozie Obioma, Rebecca Makkai, and Helen Oyeyemi – except these stories have no signature. Anonymous sex is a collection of stories about sex in all its forms, from obsession to love and everything in between.

Yoko Ogawa's Revenge

Revenge by Yoko Ogawa, translated by Stephen Snyder

There is something unsettling about someone who cuts a strawberry in half and takes a tiny bite. It suits Yoko Ogawa’s eerie novel about a group of aliens and their associations with death and the afterlife.

Queer Latinidad de Juana Maria Rodriguez

Homosexual Latinity: Identity practices, discursive spaces by Juana Maria Rodriguez

Ah, the papaya. An almost as universal symbol of sexuality as the pomegranate. Homosexual Latinity is Juana María Rodríguez’s opus on queer identity as it relates to Latinos / as in the United States. She focuses on how Latin identities are transformed by language, law and culture, and draws on her own life to show how this identity fits within the framework of representation and sexuality.

Ice Cream Museum by Jenna Clake

Ice Museum by Jenna Clake

Here is a little cutie for you. Collection of poems by Jenna Clake Ice Museum is a wonder about food and the societal norms that surround our public and private snacks. It is a deep meditation on life itself and the human interactions that sustain us all.

Flavor by Bob Holmes

Flavor: the science of our most neglected sense by Bob Holmes

This juicy blanket goes so well with the subject under study: what is flavor? Bob Holmes delves into the fascinating world of taste and flavor, showing how the other senses guide the tongue in deducing flavor profiles. Flavor is a fascinating scientific take on how we describe – or can’t describe – how flavor really works.

New animal by Ella Baxter

New animal by Ella Baxter

Amelia Aurelia tries to find her place in the world. Her closest confidante is her mother, and when she suddenly passes away, Amelia is in shock. She flees her family’s funeral business – she is the undertaker – for Tasmania and joins a BDSM community. New animal is a weird and touching novel, and has one of the best sexy fruit book covers, if you ask me.

This is how you got vagina by Nicole E Williams

Here’s how you got the vagina: everything about your vajayjay and why you probably shouldn’t call it that by Nicole E. Williams

Oh, hello, sexy peach. In This is how you vaginaDr. Nicole Williams is here to present the full history and science of the vagina, from sexual function to childbirth. She answers frequently asked questions and debunks common myths about the most misunderstood part of anatomy. And, more importantly, remind readers that, yes, your anatomy is most likely normal.

Speak to My Tatas by Dana Brantley-Sieders

Talking To My Tatas: Everything You Need To Know From A Breast Cancer Researcher and Survivor by Dana Brantley-Sieders

These lemon titties are so smart. Dana Brantley-Sieders was a biomedical breast cancer researcher for 20 years when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She assumed she knew it all, but it turns out that experience is very different from science. Talk to my tatas is his story, full of humor and empathy.

Available by Matteson Perry

Available: A Memoir of Heartbreak, Hookups, Love and Brunch by Matteson Perry

When Matteson Perry is heartbroken by the woman he believed to be The One, he hatches a plan to change his ways. He’s going to spend a year single, date a lot of women, and not hurt anyone. Available is this year’s story, full of weird dates and awkward texts and self-discovery. It’s normal for a book about dating in the internet age to have the eggplant emoji on the cover.

Black Cherry by LM Bennett

Black Cherry: an anthology of black lesbians Edited by LM Bennett

Of course, an anthology of stories and poems about love and lust from black gay writers would have sexy fruit on the cover. This collection is hot and moving.

There was so much more sexy fruit on the book covers, but these are my favorites! Here is hoping for even more in the future.


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