Plan your October booklist so you don’t have to


As we approach colder temperatures, quiet reading is the high point of the season. Multiple genres, ranging from mystery, thriller, or fantasy, are all on my TBR lists for the fall season (meaning the best months of the year!). For this month, I have 3 recommendations (plus my personal reading of the month) to discover during the month of October!

If we were bad guys by ML Rio

For lovers of dark college, this book follows the plot that unfolds until the arrest of Oliver Marks, a former student who may or may not have committed murder. Studying Shakespeare at the Dellecher Classical Conservatory, six students wonder what really happened before the murder for which their friend (Oliver) served ten years in prison.

My first reaction to reading this was the familiar Dead Poets Society script, and I found myself liking it just as much. No matter the pain that has stuck in my heart ever since the end, this book perfectly blends college noir, mystery, and suspense.

The silent patient by Alex Michaelides

Seeing this weird cover, I was even more hooked when I read the first line, and it will hook any psychological thriller and mystery lover too. The story behind this page-turning novel follows Theo Faber, a criminal psychologist, who investigates the case of a woman who brutally murders her husband, shooting him 5 times. After her murder, she never speaks again. Determined to find the reason for his silence, Theo must follow the intense path to uncover the mystery while facing his own mysterious life.

My head was all over the place at once while reading this, and I found myself constantly in shock after each chapter. After reading this in two days, this will be the most addictive read of October.

Born of legend by Tracy Deonn

For those not into the biggest thriller and mystery genres, this YA Fantasy recommendation is perfect. With an easy-to-follow world-building and enjoyable characters, the book follows the life of Bree Matthews, whose mother tragically dies in an unexpected accident. Navigating her life at UNC Chapel Hill, she finds a “Legendborn” secret society that hunts creatures. Revealing Legendborn’s history, she must use her powers to decide whether to join them or fight them while uncovering information about her mother’s past.

I often find myself falling for reading collapses from a complicated fantasy outline, however, this book kept me interested throughout. Dropping the GREATEST cliffhanger – Deonn’s sequel bloodied is to be released on November 8e2022, which you can find me reading as soon as it is posted in any bookstore.

As for my book scheduled to read this month, I hope to read and review later Love in the Age of Serial Killers by Alicia Thompson, where true crime meets modern dating. This is one of my most anticipated reads for the fall season.

Good reading!


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