New versions take ‘Dune’ on local book list


Top-selling titles at Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma for the week of October 25 to October 25. 31, 2021

As “Dune”, the 1965 novel that inspired the film that just announced a sequel (coming in two or three years), remains the best-selling book in Petaluma, a few new versions have arrived to give the classic science fiction some competition.

Jack Reacher’s latest thriller “Better Off Dead,” by the incredibly popular and murder-obsessed novelist Lee Child, this time teaming up with his brother Andrew, takes second place. Following him in third place is “Oh William! It’s a sequel to her earlier novels “My Name is Lucy Barton” and “Anything is Possible,” this one also about academic Lucy Barton, who is trying to strike up a friendship with her ex-husband William. Things are not going very well, as this is a book by Elizabeth Strout and everyone is a riddle wrapped in a puzzle baked in a pie made of mystery

“Renegades,” a companion to the hit podcast of the same name, in which former President Barack Obama has long, philosophical and highly entertaining conversations with rock star Bruce Springsteen, comes in fifth. It’s those print conversations, giving fans the chance to really delve into the stories, observations, and predictions exchanged by two of America’s most compelling people.

Here’s the full list of the top 10 books on Copperfield’s Fiction and Non-Fiction List, plus the full list of kids and young adults.


1. ‘Dune, ‘by Frank Herbert – Considered one of the greatest sci-fi epics of all time, it’s the radical story of a prince and a planet has a lot of really weird things, heart plugs and space travel spice sand worms and some really twisted politics.

2. ‘Better to die, ‘by Lee Child and Andrew Child – Jack Reacher, the mysterious and violent man often called America’s answer to James Bond is back in his 26th thriller.

3. ‘Ah Guillaume!‘by Elizabeth Strout – From the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist who gave us “My Name Lucy Barton,” a third book about real-life scholar Lucy Barton explores her delicate semi-friendship with her ex-husband William.

4. ‘Hail Mary project, ‘by Andy Weir – Best-selling author of’ The Martian ‘wrote another article on astronauts, this one follows a junior high school science teacher who is sent to deep space to try and save the world.

5. ‘renegades, ‘by Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen – Complementing the successful Former President and Boss podcast, this collection of candid conversations covers a range of topics related to America and its evolving value systems.

6. ‘The lying life of adults, “by Elena Ferrante – A teenage girl, prompted by a mysterious remark from her father, travels to the seedy neighborhoods of Naples, Italy, to find a despised and hitherto unknown relative who she is supposed to look like.

7. ‘The list of judges, ‘by John Grisham – A mysterious thriller about a judge who not only believes in capital punishment, has a knack for uttering it, you know, unofficially.

8. ‘Lincoln Highway, ‘by Amor Towles – The new novel from the author of’ A Gentleman in Moscow ‘is the story of four boys who steal cars and jump in trains across the country in search of a new beginning, with secrets revealed along the way, of course.

9. ‘Petaluma Wetlands Field Guide, ‘by John Shribbs – All the info you need to hike the rich, bird-filled wetlands of Petaluma.

ten.’A deadly education, ‘by Naomi Novik – Yes, the Novik 2020 fantasy novel features a less than safe boarding school for promising young magic users, but this one, called the Scholomance – filled with terrifying and deadly monsters and a ritual of surrender breathtaking degrees, makes Hogwarts look like Mister Roger’s neighborhood.


1. ‘Diary of a Wimpy Child: Big Shot, “by Jeff Kinney – The 16th entry in this beloved series sees Greg playing sports, pretty much proving he’s not good at any of them, and then ending up on the worst team in basketball from school.

2. ‘Wings of Fire: Prophecy of the Whelp, ‘by Tui Sutherland – The one who started the popular series about good dragons, bad dragons and a bunch of humans caught between them.

3. ‘Where are the Diggers cheating or dealing?‘by Brianna Caplan Sayres – Trucks love candy too. Here’s how they get it.

4. ‘Trubble Town: The squirrel hurts, ‘by Stephan Pastis – Wendy the Wanderer has always lived in Trubble Town, but was never allowed to bear her name until her father left town on a business trip – and she suddenly has the freedom to ‘explore his very strange house.

5. ‘It’s the big pumpkin, Charlie Brown, ‘by Charles Schultz – Linus, the King of True Believers, insists on waiting in the pumpkin patch for a large spectral gourd to arrive, while his friends play pranks and Charlie Brown receives a geology lesson.

6. ‘The Ultimate Unicorn Joke Book, ‘from BuzzPop – What’s the point of a unicorn joke book? The one on the unicorn’s head, of course.

7. ‘How to help a pumpkin grow, ‘by Ashley Wolff – A picture book full of farming fun.

8. ‘Crazy Halloween Fun Stickers, ‘by Danielle McLean – Halloween is getting tacky.

9. ‘Dino-Zombies! ‘ by Rick Chrustowski – It’s a candy book. It rhymes, and it’s dandy. It’s sweeter than S’mores and has dead dinosaurs.

ten.’Dragon Girls: Azmina the Golden Glittering Dragon, ‘by Maddy Mara – The first in a series of books about girls who discover they can transform into glittering dragons to fight off the shadowy elves, who don’t look friendly.

Data compiled by Amber-Rose Reed, editor of Copperfield’s Book.


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