New Meridian, ID library layout focuses on accessibility



The next branch of the Meridian Library will be in the Orchard Park development.

BoiseDev already told you about Orchard Park, which will offer residential, commercial, office and library space. The Library District has since announced design plans for the library.

The 15,000 square foot library in northwest Meridian is said to have a 24-hour waiting room where users can pick up their books, an active nursery, a sensory room, a large meeting room, a wall technological, etc.

The layout of the library focuses a lot on accessibility. The website said, “You’ll see that reflected in everything from the height of the library furniture to the layout of the bathrooms.” “

“Everything inside is designed to be accessible to those who need it,” said Jeff Kohler, district administrator for the Meridian Library. “One of the rooms that will be kind of a sensory space, so it would be for library users who need a room with soft noise touch functions. For example, people with autism, ADHD, PTSD, any of those sensory disabilities that we will be designed for their use.

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The library would be within walking distance of Rocky Mountain High School. For this reason, one of the main features is a learning lab.

“We’ll have some of the same specs (like unrelated gear) for different ages,” Kohler said. “Educational resources in STEM. (I imagine) that there will be things like 3D printers and other technologies of interest such as. It’s just down the road from Rocky Mountain High School so it will be convenient for those students to go after school.

Kohler said the plan is to have a library in each of the four corners of Meridian plus the central Cherry Ln. Library. Currently there is aBound, Cherry Ln., Silverstone, then the Tiny Library on the hill near the YMCA.

Kohler said the library will be under a 20-year lease with the option to purchase the building. He added that construction is expected to be completed in December 2022.

“We are just delighted to have a branch there,” Kohler said. “When we conducted community surveys, we noticed that we always had good bookmobile traffic in this northwest part of Meridian… there is a fairly large Paramount neighborhood, which will be within walking distance of the branch and this will therefore be a good choice for not only this district but the whole northwest part of Meridian which is developing so quickly.

For more information on the Orchard Park branch, click here.



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