New Italian “Harry Potter” book covers revealed


Images that truly capture the magical world of Harry potter Book series is something that we fans are always on the lookout for. Show too little and the illustration fails to move readers. Show too much and you risk alienating those who have a different mental image of a certain character or detail. Since the publication of Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone (Where philosopher’s Stone), the story has been translated into over 80 languages, and with many of them came different cover designs. The latest addition to international covers is Italian Harry potter New versions of the editor Adriano Salani Editore designed by AMDL CIRCLE directed by Michele De Lucchi. And we get to have a preview of them for the first time.

Before these new versions, the Italian Harry potter the editions had their own different covers from the English originals published by Scholastic Corporation in the United States (Mary GrandPré) and Bloomsbury Publishing in the United Kingdom (Thomas Taylor, Cliff Wright, Giles Greenfield and Jason Cockcroft). Judge for yourself if they are yours to like it or not. While Serena Riglietti’s previous, more original cover images appealed to a younger audience who may have grown up with the book series – much like De Lucchi’s own children, this is how he discovered the story. – the new designs aim for more subtlety.

This is a split image of subtle yet magical new Harry Potter book cover designs with the books placed in environments of understated and tasteful interior design elements.

De Lucchi worked on the cover designs with a group of architects, writers, editors, graphic designers, illustrators and font designers called AMDL CIRCLE, or simply the “The circle” as he calls it:

The Circle is a multidisciplinary group of young people to whom I will transmit my intellectual and philosophical position and the working methods that I have used over the years. I asked the group to interpret my work by reflecting it on the wizarding world of Harry Potter, to understand how my visionary approach can be linked to an imaginary reality.

De Lucchi himself is a renowned designer, writer and architect. Therefore, the centerpieces of his covers and those of his team are iconic buildings, or “Visionary architectures”, from the wizarding world like Hogwarts, the Burrow, Hagrid’s hut and Azkaban:

As architects, we inevitably approached the novel with in mind the space, the objects and the atmosphere that these objects generate in the space. For each volume, we have identified a symbolic architecture, seeking the same archetypes in the contemporary works designed by AMDL CIRCLE.

Unlike previous Italian covers, the goal of De Lucchi and his team was to create suggestive rather than prescriptive images. they aimed “Broaden the vision of the novel, give everyone a space to fill and develop for themselves. “ You will therefore not find detailed and frontal portraits of the characters in these images, but rather “Imaginative architectures around which everyone can experience different emotions”, as the artist said.

This is a split image of subtle yet magical new Harry Potter book cover designs with the books placed in environments of understated and tasteful interior design elements.

De Lucchi said he liked the series for “Having invented an alternative society and world, a complete and complex society, in which readers recognize themselves and evolve with the transformation of society itself. Indeed, in addition to the artistic goals above, one cannot help but remember two decades of Harry potter behind us. Over time, the impressions left on readers who grew up with the books have evolved with each new release, review, spin-off, etc. The experiences of new readers will be totally different and constantly changing. This is what happened to visionary De Lucchi, who said that he and his team “Created a new visual benchmark to welcome new and old generations of fans by giving the covers an innovative and unmistakable look. “

All the Harry Potter books are arranged on a table with the new Italian covers which are elegant but evoke the color and the magic of the stories.  They focus on the iconic Harry Potter spaces and architecture.

What do you think of these brand new covers? Are you going to get your hands on the works of De Lucchi and AMDL CIRCLE? Do you think they hit the mark or do you like a particular edition? If so, tell us which one.

UPDATE (February 17):

Since we published the above, De Lucchi opened his studio on Via Varese in Milan, where he exhibited the seven newly designed Italian editions. The little exposure can be visited until February 26, and it also features sketches, drawings, graphics and his stunning wooden models of the magical buildings he and his team have reinvented.

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