Matt Stevens reinvents “good movies like old books” in book covers


Designer and illustrator Matt Stevens has designed for magazines and media companies, but his recent project titled Good movies like old books is more personal. Stevens turned a hundred of his favorite movies into colorful, worn book covers, some with price tags, as if you could grab them off the shelves of a used bookstore. The title and author of each reimagined paperback is represented by the film’s respective title and director. Stevens notes that his selection of works is “not a best of the list, just films that I like”. However, most moviegoers would agree that the list includes plenty of unmistakably legendary titles and directors who are loved by many, if not most.

Films include modern Oscar winners and time-worn classics. Recent movie Steven’s book cover Parasite, directed by Bong Joon-ho, brings the shredded glamor of a decades-old paperback book to the Oscar-winning image 2020. Covers for Fargo, The matrix, and Spike Lee Do the right thing join new Marvel movies and Tom Hanks classics to build an enviable and breathtaking ‘shelf’. Each “book” is alluring and invites the avid reader to turn its pages.

Many of Stevens’ cover designs represent films that were never originally books. Thanks to a recent Kickstarter success campaign, Stevens has published a high quality art book in the series comprising one hundred beautiful covers. The individual covers, as well as the book itself, are also available in various sizes of giclee prints on Stevens’ website.

For book lovers and movie buffs, these whimsical covers are both works of art and collectibles. You can find them all on Stevens’s site.

Designer and illustrator Matt Stevens recreates his favorite films as book covers.

Parasite like old book by Matt StevensIron Giant as an old book by Matt Stevens

Stevens’ collection includes everything from mainstream blockbusters to cult classics.

Thor Ragnarok as Old Books by Matt StevensThe Good Movies as Old Books by Matt StevensFargo as an old book by Matt StevensThe Good Movies as Old Books by Matt StevensThe Matrix Movies as Old Books by Matt StevensThe Karate Kid in Paperback by Matt StevensInglorious Basterds as an old book by Matt StevensThe Good Movies as Old Books by Matt StevensRobocop in paperback by Matt StevensThe Good Movies as Old Books by Matt StevensAvengers Endgame as Matt Stevens' Old BooksBack to the Future as Old Books by Matt StevensMad Max as Old Books by Matt StevensShawshank Redemption as Old Books by Matt StevensMatt Stevens: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met has granted permission to feature images by Matt Stevens.

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