Mangaluru: rich and modern development of the “Rohan domain” coastal Karnataka in Pakshikere


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Mangaluru, February 16: Rohan Corporation, a leading and trusted brand in the real estate industry in coastal Karnataka, has developed a one-of-a-kind residential development consisting of 372 well-designed sites spread over 32 acres of land near Pakshikere equipped with state-of-the-art amenities.

The well designed and designed layout of Rohan Estate is located on the main Haleyangadi-Kinnigoli road amidst serene nature. The layout is meticulously designed with the concept of blending the urban lifestyle with the rural canvas. The layout is ready to move in and buyers can start building their dream home right away.

Rohan Estate is located just 100 meters from the Pakshikere S Kodi junction of Mangaluru. Conveniently located on the main Haleyangandi-Kinnigoli road, Rohan Estate is very close to Kateel Temple, Pakshikere Church and other nearby religious and educational institutions. The project is barely 4 kilometers from the junction of the Haleyangadi National Highway and the town of Kinnigoli.

Sites ranging from 3.5 cents to 10 cents are available, and buyers can purchase multiple adjacent sites. The landscaping is ready with wide concrete roads, a drainage system and streetlights. In addition to the exclusive installation of drinking water, to avoid any water shortage in the future, provision is also made for the water connection of the gram panchayat and a pipeline is laid at each site.

The layout is monitored by high-resolution DC cameras in 12 locations. There is a 5 kilometer long interlocked walking track, a badminton court and a large children’s play area. The layout is the first of its kind in coastal Karnataka with exclusive special amenities and features.

A modern gym and a state-of-the-art swimming pool will be built in the near future.

The houses will be built according to the convenience of the buyer at an affordable cost ranging from Rs 35 lac to Rs 75 lac. The homes will be designed by the team of industry expert designers and the company will complete the project within six months. Buyers can make the most of this facility.

Already a model house is built on a site at 3.5 cents at a cost of 35 lac and available for viewing and demonstration. A large open space is available for outdoor parties like wedding, birthday and other parties in the layout. A children’s playground with many toys is also available. The large park is the center of attraction for the development and security is available 24 hours a day. Within six months of purchase, buyers can build homes without paying electricity or water deposits.

Rohan Estate is RERA approved and loan facilities can be obtained from all major banks and other home loan companies.

Sufficient provisions have been made to avoid possible water shortage by installing a rainwater harvesting system, an aboveground storage tank, a borehole, an open well and a water connection from the gram panchayat. Rohan Corporation is known for its quality construction of apartments, developments and commercial complexes over the past 28 years. residential apartments; Bellissima, Hillcrest, Infinity, Micasa, Bianca, Ventura, Primero, Peters Coat, Daijiworld Residency, Exotica, Luminous & Catalonia etc are highly appreciated by its customers.

The 14-storey High Crest luxury residential apartment on Kadri-Kambla Road will also be launched soon. The ultra-luxury Rohan Square retail, hotel and residential complex, under construction on the main Pumpwell-Capitanio road, is underway. The Zorian housing complex in Jeppina Mogaru has been completed and only a few apartments are available for purchase. The City Square commercial building on MG Road, Lalbagh has completed construction and there are only a few retail spaces left available for purchase.


Customers can book the site of their choice for only Rs 10,000. The balance can be paid monthly with a bank loan of Rs 10,000 installments per month. Similarly, those who need to buy a site and build a house, reserve with a deposit of Rs 25,000. The remaining amount can be paid in monthly installments through a bank loan. The project is approved by many banks, as such buyers do not need to run after seeking legal advice for loan approval from the bank.

As Rohan Estate is fully compliant with Vastu layout, buyers can invest their money in sites and build houses according to Vastu. This layout is also suitable for employees of companies like MRPL, ONGC, NMPT, school teachers, lecturers, government employees and bank employees, etc. This place is even ideal for retirees, for those who want a house in a natural environment and also for investment purposes.


Particular attention has been paid to the development of an environmentally friendly green zone and 10 gardens are already in place at Rohan Estate. Roads and open spaces are filled with greenery and fruit trees planted all along the route. The flowering of the fresh air of the development will breathe freshness into the lives of the residents of the development.


The sewage treatment plant with the most modern technology, integrated into the development, will efficiently manage the flow of wastewater from the development. The drainage from each house will flow directly to the plant through the drainage pipe. As such, the landscaping will be free from the foul odor of drain water.

Appropriate measures have been taken to optimize the use of recycled water generated by the treatment plant. Pipes are already laid from the STP to the garden for this. Thus, total care was taken to maintain the purity of drinking water during the development.

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