Kindle users can finally turn book covers into lock screens


Some technological advancements seem so useful and simple that it is strange that they weren’t invented earlier. Famous, wheels were not added to suitcases until 1970, despite the fact that wheels and suitcases had been around much longer.

The Kindle just rolled out such an update – Kindle readers can now flip a switch in their settings so that the cover of the book they’re reading turns into the device’s lock screen.

Simple, easy, and something users have demanded for years, the Display Cover feature makes reading your Kindle even more like taking the physical version.

Turn on the screen cover

Users will need to update their device to the latest firmware – that is version 5.13.5. If your device is updated and you don’t see it yet, try restarting it. Don’t know how to update the firmware? Follow these steps:

Settings> Device Options> Advanced Options> Update Your Kindle

Then you can enable the lock screen feature by navigating your Settings page by opening a few other menus:

Settings> Device options> Show coverage

Users will also need a supported device. Display Cover is not available on Kindle with Ads, but these devices provide the functionality:

  • Light up – 8th, 10th generation
  • Kindle Paperwhite – 7th, 10th generation
  • Kindle Oasis – 8th, 9th, 10th generation
  • Kindle Voyage – 7th generation

If you did it correctly, you will be able to see the cover of the book you opened on the Kindle when your screen is locked. Here’s what it looks like in practice:

Amazon may only have succeeded in adding the much-requested feature, as many people jailbreak their devices specifically to add it.

Additionally, competing e-readers like Nook and Kobo have had this feature for quite some time – about a decade, in Kobo’s case – making this update the bare minimum.

Is Kindle Worth Buying?

While the Kindle may not have rushed to add this feature, it does offer a solid device that sits at the top of the e-reader list.

We rated the Kindle Paperwhite as one of the best Kindle devices overall, thanks to the combination of a good price ($ 129.99) and high performance, with great features like backlighting, high resolution display and waterproofing.

There’s also the Kindle Oasis, which comes with an “adjustable warm light”. It’s also larger than the Paperwhite and includes page change buttons and automatic page orientation.

Either way, both devices now show you the cover of the book you are reading. Really, we may be seeing the pinnacle of Kindle technology.


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