How to get an installment credit card without demonstrable income?

Given the particular nature of revolving credit cards, and the fact that they can be used both for payments in physical and online stores and for withdrawing cash from ATMs, beyond the flexibility of use, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the interest rates that they can be very high.

Usually to obtain one of these cards it is necessary to have a demonstrable income, in some cases, however, they are granted either by guarantee or by further guarantees that change from institution to institution. How to choose between the various proposals? Here are the best 3.

Spin Lender 

Spin Lender 

The Spin Lender card allows you to always stay with your bank, there is no need to open a new account, and offers you a credit of up to 800 USD per month to be repaid in convenient installments. It is a Visa card, therefore accepted everywhere. The only condition to activate it is to be a member of Spin Lender, but let’s say that in this case it is well worth it, being also one of the most easily granted types without a demonstrable income. Here is a summary of the economic conditions and costs.

  • Annual fee of 12 USD;
  • You do not pay for sending the online bank statement, while you pay $ 0.71 for sending the paper;
  • Blocking the card costs 15.49 USD, while the replacement is free;
  • ATM withdrawal from the non-European area USD 2, belonging to the Eurozone 2% of the amount withdrawn;
  • TAN 9% and APR from 9.52% to 9.91%.

Across Lender card

Across Lender card

This is a convenient and flexible credit card that will give you the opportunity to choose the refund method you prefer. It is one of the revolving cards with the best interest rates, which doesn’t mean they are low, but more affordable than others.

The card can be requested by those who have a bank account at the Cream bank. If you do not have a demonstrable income, you must still provide alternative guarantees such as those explained above. Here are the advantages of this card.

  • First of all, it is a flexible credit card, therefore it allows you to change the monthly amount of your installments if you choose the repayment method and not the balance;
  • The card is safe, in fact it has a free sms alert service;
  • The annual fee is 35 USD per month, therefore advantageous compared to other competing cards
    The payment method provides both the balance and revolving functions, but not only that, the single purchase or a group of purchases can also be divided into installments;
  • Fixed TAN 13.90% and APR 14.82%;
  • Maximum credit line $ 5 thousand;
  • Validity 5 years;

Copy Lender card by Good Lender

Copy Lender card by Good Lender

In this case, in order to activate the Copy Lender card, you must have the endorsement of a family member or possess a real estate property. Copy Lender card is a very advantageous card, not so much for the TAN and the APR which fall within the average, but for the cancellation of all other costs.

In fact, if you choose this revolving card you will not have to pay any annual fee, you will not have to pay anything for its activation or for receiving the bank statement. Furthermore, the stamp duty is paid by Good Lender. No additional fees are paid except for withdrawals from ATMs. Here are the main economic conditions:

  • Annual fee zero USD;
  • Methods of payment: 3%, 4%, 5% of the credit line granted;
  • Fixed TAN 16.80% and Taeg 18.16%.

The issue of the credit card is subject to the Bank’s assessment of the creditworthiness of the customer.


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