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Gmail offers a variety of inbox views that cater to different types of users, providing simple tweaks to the interface that can improve efficiency.

gmail is undoubtedly one of the most popular email services today due to its easy to navigate interface, and as one of Google’s main products, the way Gmail appears on any device can be customized to fit different types of users. Many of the Gmail tweaks made by the California-based tech company focus on improving organizational functionality, improving usability, and promoting overall user comfort.

Gmail is rolling out a redesign to its web version that lets users move seamlessly between Google apps like Gmail, Chat, and Meet without needing to open new tabs or windows. For some time now, users who prefer to use the service with minimal eye strain can also turn on dark mode for Gmail and preview their inbox with a black background. Another Gmail feature worth exploring is the ability to customize the appearance of a person’s inbox, as well as the ability to have multiple inboxes easily accessible through a single interface.


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Whether a Gmail user has an iOS or Android device, the steps for selecting a new Gmail inbox layout are the same. Launch the Gmail app and tap Menu (hamburger icon) in the upper left corner of the screen. Scroll down and select Settings. Choose the Gmail account to edit, scroll down the menu and tap Inbox type. Choose one of the five available inbox layouts. To change your inbox layout on a computer, open Gmail on a web browser and click Settings (gear icon) in the upper right corner of the screen. Below Inbox type, select one of the six layouts. Some inboxes have an additional address Personalize option that allows Gmail users to change features specific to this type of inbox.

Find the most effective Gmail inbox layout

Gmail inbox type settings

gmail Fault Inbox layout divides emails into different category tabs viz. Primary, Social, Specialsand Updates. Messages are automatically sorted by Gmail into the most appropriate category, but users can manually move messages to another tab if they wish. Users can also choose between important first, Not read firstor Starred first inboxes. All three inboxes have a similar layout, with the top section showing important, unread, or favorite emails, and the bottom section showing remaining emails. Gmail automatically marks messages as “important” based on a user’s habits, such as how often they email someone, which emails they open and reply to the most, or the emails it stars, archives or deletes. These markers can be deleted or added manually by the user.

the Priority Inbox Gmail’s layout can be further customized and allows users to choose which sections to display in the inbox, including three generated by default by Gmail — Important and unread, Favorites, Everything else, or a label they created. Likewise, the Multiple inboxes The layout allows users to define and name up to five custom sections to display alongside the main inbox. These sections can be populated by messages that are filed under specific user-defined labels or search queries, such as a specific sender or emails that are in the drafts folder. It is important to note that gmailit is Multiple inboxes layout is only accessible from a computer.

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