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Hotels need to be very creative to accommodate the height and weight of NBA players. When a team books their stay, the hotel management must ensure that the players have a great experience. Here’s how they solve the problem of making it happen for seven footers.

Solve the challenges of having NBA players as guests

Adult American men have an average height of 5’9″. The average point guard in the NBA is 6’3″, then the average height increases with each position. This means that there should be several 7-footers in the travel party. Adjustments must be made to accommodate them and provide them with the best possible experience.

The shower room should have a curved shower rod. Privacy and comfort are the top priority for NBA players. Hotels need to make sure they conduct their business privately without risking paparazzi. Gyms should also be closely monitored. Players may spend several days in hotels, especially in road games or back-to-back games, so they need to keep their bodies in top shape.

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There are also reception protocols that must be respected. If players arrive late at night, there shouldn’t be any standard chit-chat about how their day went for bellhops. Rooms should be lit and blinds down. A special menu will also be presented instead of a regular menu, and players should be able to order anything around the clock.

For instance, the beds at the Hotel Monaco in Portland are 12 inches longer than standard. The showerheads are also eight inches longer than the standard six feet.

It’s normal to cater to any player requests or whims, regardless of the time of day. They are given VIP treatment and the management must do everything not to cause any tension or problem that could affect the performance of the players during the match.

Why hotel services are important

Hotels serve as homes for players. However, no matter how well management makes sure everything is sorted out, there have always been incidents that we might call isolated incidents. The Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma has enough haunted stories for a true crime podcast. Ron Artest, Kyrie Irving and Eddy Curry all have interesting anecdotes to share.

Do you remember the story of the Michael Jordan NBA Finals? MJ ordered a pizza to be delivered to his hotel room and reportedly fell ill with food poisoning. Some fans believed the Utah Jazz was responsible for an attempt to stop or limit Jordan’s production. But the pizza maker revealed he didn’t think it was Mike who ordered the pizza. MJ may or may not have been intentionally poisoned, but this case has sparked a call for tighter security, especially for superstars.

Hotels rely on reputation and good reviews to attract customers and customers. If management wants to be consistently booked by NBA teams, they must be able to provide the necessary adjustments to keep players happy, safe and satisfied. After all, every little effort goes a long way in the hospitality industry.


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