‘His hand is the size of your face’: Giant Shaquille O’Neal making Simone Biles look like a doll left fans making absurd comparisons


Since the beginning of her career, Simone Biles has proven herself in the sport of gymnastics. Plus, winning four Olympic gold medals in gymnastics makes her amazing. But there is one thing that made the gymnast aware. It was her size, because of which she faced several bittersweet comments.

However, when she appeared at the Olympics, she realized her value. Meanwhile, in 2017, there was a time when her phone was flooded with millions of comments regarding her height. It happened because of his picture with a great NBA legend.


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Fans react to Simone Biles’ height

As Simone shared her photo with NBA player Shaquille O’Neal, fans poured their love into her comments section. During this time, several made different jokes about his height. There was a fan who compared Shaq’s hand with his face. “Girl, his hand is the size of your face.”

Similarly, a user also wrote, “She’s the size of his leg.” Another wrote, “Shaq is the biggest the biggest you the smallest!” One user joked about John Cena and said: “Someone ask John Cena if he can see her.” As one of them wrote “Girl, you have to search 1,000 miles. Some other people also said: “He can put it in the basket.“Notably, in the photo, everyone can see the difference in height between a 4’8″ Biles and a 7’0” Shaq.

There was one person who spoke about his hard work and said, “This girl is downcast, but this girl’s determination and thoughtfulness, hard work and technique is not small or downcast, this is for you. Other comments with touches of humor were, “How not to see that my god,” “She may ask what the weather is like there?” » But some appreciated its size in a different way, “Her work is enough to make her stand out.”

On the other hand, someone saw heels. “Plus she’s in heels, goddamn a**.” However, there was a valid comment: “Proof that talent knows no bounds and that size really *doesn’t* matter.”


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Simone feigning her waist

There was a time when the legendary gymnast had to lie about her height. She described the details of the incident in her book ‘Courage to Soar: A body in motion, a life in balance.’ Simone said she looked small for the fourteen-year-old age group. She wrote, “At the time, I was fourteen and small for my age. A four-foot-eight ball of unbroken energy, I liked to say I was four-foot-nine just so I could feel taller.


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Additionally, she wrote, “But I was also strong. I was born with the kind of muscular biceps and calves that, in third grade, had earned me the nickname swoldger – a cross between pumped up and soldier. However, as the four-time Olympic gold medalist moved on in life, she wrote her legacy, forgetting all worries about her height.

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