Hell yeah, Kindle lock screen can now show book covers


Mmm, I kinda like news that seems tailor-made just for me. So there you have it: Kindle Lock Screen can now display book covers. If you are lucky.

Some of you will read this, shrug your shoulders, and wonder why you even bothered to click on that stupid article. Others? Well let me put it this way: I’m currently shirtless, covered in sesame oil, and I’m told to get out of this bakery or the police will be called.

This delicious and oily update is currently rolling out, according to the lovely people of Good e-Reader. This will happen on a range of Kindle devices, particularly the Kindle (eighth and tenth generation), Kindle Paperwhite (generations seven to 10), Kindle Oasis (generations eight to ten), and the seventh generation Kindle Voyage.

If you want to see if you can have a book cover on your Kindle lock screen, you will need to go to settings. From there, select Device Options. And, if you’re lucky, you might be able to turn on the Show Coverage option.

Enable this option and it will replace your Amazon Kindle lock screen image with the cover of the book you are currently reading.

Do not you see it ? First, make sure your Kindle is supported (this information can be found earlier in the article). Second, make sure the device is updated with the latest firmware. Always nothing? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re gonna have to wait a bit.

Sadly, neither of the two Kindles I have around the house have the option to display book covers, but I’m looking forward to this moment. God, it’s going to be great. And I’m happy that we can share this moment together.

It might sound hyperbolic, but the Amazon Kindle Lock Screen is one of the worst things that ever existed. First of all, I despise the fact that you have to pay to remove ads. on a device you own. I really don’t understand why it hasn’t become a regulatory issue.

Oh wait money. That is why.

Either way, even if you have a Kindle with “no specials” (my god, even that language is gross), you must have spent years looking at gruesome images like this:


The only way to get around this problem was to jailbreak your Kindle. Not the worst solution, but not the best either. At least now the option is there for the lazy among us.

Anyway, go enjoy your weekend, book friends. Let the novel covers displayed on your Kindle’s lock screen always be embarrassing.


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