Gran Turismo 7 update 1.20 brings four new vehicles, new Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya layout and Café Extra menus


Gran Turismo players! The August Update for Gran Turismo 7 arrives today, August 24 at 11:00 PM PDT* (August 25 at 7:00 AM BST / 3:00 PM JST).

Four new cars added!

McLaren MP4/4 ’88

A legendary F1 machine that marked the end of the Turbo era.

McLaren contested the 1988 F1 World Championship season in MP4/4. It was a low-rise, low-drag machine designed by Gordon Murray and Steve Nichols, powered by the Honda RA168E engine. It was also the last year for turbocharged machines in Formula racing. With maximum allowable boost pressures reduced from 4 bar to 2.5 bar and fuel on board reduced from 45 liters to 150 liters in total, it was supposed to be a very tough season for the turbocharged machines. But in the end, the McLaren Honda MP4/4 totally dominated the season with 15 wins out of 16 races. Of course, the chassis was very well developed, but the Honda engine which balanced fuel consumption and effective power extremely well would be the major factor in their victory. Number 12 MP4/4 was the car driven by Ayrton Senna. Senna put in an incredible performance this year with 13 pole positions and 8 wins and won the drivers’ championship.

Pontiac GTO ‘The Judge’ ’69

This extreme sports package was introduced for later models of the GTO, the original muscle car.

The original Pontiac GTO debuted in 1964 to great acclaim and is said to be the first road-going muscle car. However, the 1968 second-generation model moved to a more style-oriented fastback, and while it didn’t lack in performance, it failed to stand up to more powerful rivals that had arrived on the scene. . In an effort to make a comeback, General Motors released “The Judge” in 1969. Costing just $332, this sports package included an incredible amount of equipment as standard. It included unique racing decals and striping, a Hurst shifter, heavy-duty suspension, wider tires and a rear spoiler. The engine was upgraded to the 6.6L “Ram Air III” V8, which was listed at 360 BHP but was rumored to produce significantly more. As a result, “The Judge” was able to outshine his rivals in terms of presence and performance, earning him wide attention. A year later, however, strict emissions regulations came into effect in the United States and muscle cars like the GTO began to decline.

Porsche Cayman GT4 ’16

A motorsport-focused Cayman with 911 power.

As the 911 has always formed the backbone of Porsche’s sports car racing efforts, race-focused 911 models have always been part of their catalog lineup and are available to the public. 2015, however, saw the arrival of an outlier. A motorsport version of the less powerful mid-powered Cayman coupé was introduced as the Cayman GT4. Its most notable feature is the powertrain. Based on that of the 911 Carrera S, it combines a 3.8-litre flat-six engine with a 6-speed manual gearbox. Moreover, it produces 379 BHP, more than the base model 911 Carrera. The brakes and suspension also use parts from the 991 GT3 and the ride height has been lowered by 30mm from the standard position. The exterior was also changed to match the car’s new image with a unique front lip and fixed rear spoiler. A look at the options list will also show you that this model is focused on the track, with a roll cage, fire extinguishers and a 6-point harness for the driver’s seat.

By Tomaso Mangusta (Christian Dior)

An Italian sports car reinvented by a fashion giant.

As one of France’s foremost luxury houses, Dior has always been at the forefront of the industry since its inception. And that car that was born out of a company ‒ reinventing sports cars through their sleek, evolutionary brand essence ‒ is the De Tomaso Mangusta (Christian Dior).

The model that was chosen as the “raw material” is the De Tomaso Mangusta, an Italian sports car that proudly embodies the look of the 1960s. The style, which demonstrates both finesse and strength, was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro during his years at Carrozzeria Ghia, and is renowned for its gull-wing tailgate.Artistic Director of Dior men’s collections, Kim Jones cast the House’s magic on the Mangusta, adorning it with a livery combining a deliberately conservative body color, embellished with chic stripes, in addition to the Dior lettering on the sides. The racing number 47 on the hood represents 1947, the year of Dior’s groundbreaking first collection.

Kim Jones also made the driver of the car an alluring element of the Dior universe. When selecting the car, the player’s suit and helmet will be instantly replaced by a suit designed by Dior, inscribing the driver in the expression of the House, becoming one with this very particular Mangusta. Introducing an avant-garde present based on a classic 1960s sports car: this is a vintage model that only a house like Dior, who truly knows the nature and spirit of fashion, can produce.

Three new tracks added to the Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP Layout No Chicane

The chicane leading to the final corner has been removed, turning this formerly low-speed sector into a high-speed right-hander and providing an exciting layout where aerodynamics are put to the test. To accompany the addition of the “No Chicane” layout to the game, the existing Circuit de Catalunya was titled “Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya GP Layout”. Circuit de Barcelona ‒ Catalunya is a racing circuit located approximately 30 km north of Barcelona, ​​Spain. It has been the scene of many epic F1 and MotoGP races since it opened in September 1991

National circuit diagram of Barcelona-Catalonia

The house straight from the GP Layout now turns into a hairpin bend, resulting in a more compact track that runs completely through Sector 1 and half of Sector 2. Still, there’s still plenty on offer as the long line rear right and the 3rd technical sector are preserved, offering a very satisfying racing experience.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Rallycross layout

This special rallycross layout is made up of Sector 3 and the inner areas of the GP Layout, resulting in a unique hybrid track consisting of paved and unpaved surfaces. The jump in the middle of the track is a sight to behold.

Be sure to stay tuned to the official GT and PlayStation channels as there are plenty more updates coming from the team. Until then, have a good run!

Café – Additional menus

These additional menus provide the ability to create new car collections based on a variety of themes. Players who have reached the end and reached a certain Collector Level can access it and earn rewards. In Update 1.20, the following 2 additional menu books have been added. More menu books are planned for future updates.

  • “Abarth” Collection: Opens at Collector Level 27
  • “Gr.2 Racing Cars” collection: open at collector level 38

* Internet connection required for update. Game progress required to access vehicles.


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