Google’s list of books promotes racial equity in schools



Google has partnered with The conscious child—An organization that promotes racial equity in education — to organize a list of books and other resources to help teachers build more inclusive classrooms and foster conversations about racism and acceptance .

Reading list groups work by grade level, and many of them have corresponding lesson guides with discussion questions, writing prompts, and other activities. [PDF]. For Lupita Nyong’o Sulwe, which tells the story of a young girl being bullied because of her dark skin, students in Kindergarten to Grade 2 are asked questions such as “Why do you think Sulwe thinks she has to? to have lighter skin to make friends? What advice would you give Sulwe? For Tomi Adeyemi Children of blood and bones, high school students are invited to create a travel brochure for the fictional country of Orïsha, “highlighting its positive aspects and its great variety”.

The online kit also contains a number of guidelines that teachers should consider when choosing their own reading material. A helpful tip, for example, is to re-evaluate “classics” before assigning them to make sure they don’t reinforce racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, or other harmful messages. Another is to foster a healthy racial identity by avoiding books “where characters of color can only be successful if they conform to white values ​​or standards.”

It’s part of Google’s larger strategy campaign amplify diversity in public education by providing educators with the necessary resources to do so. Last year, the company donated $ 5 million to DonorsChoose, a platform teachers can use to generate funds for classroom projects, to launch #I see myself, an initiative that highlights projects submitted by Black and Latinx teachers, as well as those that emphasize diversity and inclusion. This year, Google has pledged an additional $ 1 million to match donations made to #ISEeMe projects.

You can see The Conscious Kid’s full playlist here [PDF], and find out more about the contribution to #ISEeMe projects here.



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