Giant sized black cat: infinity score # 1: I’ve never met a black cat I didn’t like


It’s the end of an era. Quite possibly my favorite Marvel solo title over the past couple of years (certainly up there with Kelly Thompson’s Captain Marvel), and it’s sadly coming to an end. Jed gave us a Felicia that’s fun, whimsical, but has a very strong moral compass, and that’s the Felicia we get here. This heist has to be the biggest, most outrageous, and ridiculous he has ever done, but you don’t care about the absurdity because MacKay makes it a fun read. We’re living in a time when we had a Catwoman comic book (another title I review) as well as a Black Cat comic book, books about the crème de la crème of superhero thieves, and they couldn’t be. more different from each other, and they’re both fantastic to read (seriously, Ram V’s Catwoman should be the gold standard for the Batfamily books).

The book begins where we left off, with Cat and her team, plus Star, Overtime, and Quantum all to cure Monica Rappaccini of cancer, as a personal favor for Doctor Doom, while staying one step ahead of the game. Nick Fury. Or at least that’s what we, and his team of super crooks, are led to believe. Leave it to Cat to have an ulterior motive for it all, and even with all the chips stacked against her, she does so with a smile on her face. I’ve always loved the Black Cat, but it’s MacKay’s perspective that has made it one of my favorites over the past couple of years. Have her steal the deed for Manhattan from Doctor Strange’s vault, while trying to escape a wizard gone wrong, a ghost dog thinking she’s Super Sable, to overtake the Black Fox in her path with immortality. Anything could happen and you never knew where this team would go.

CF Villa is here, and he’s definitely showing up and showing up here. Be it the high octane moments with Star, and her fist-infused Fury-infused Reality Stone (for real, it’s such a fun time), tender-hearted with her mom. Felicia looks great and Villa fills the pages with a great sense of action and movement in every panel. The tender moments between Felicia and her mom are definitely a treat to read. My favorite part of the book has to be how Villa renders Star and the use of her powers in this issue. I don’t know if it’s in the script, or if it’s all Villa, but kudos to both of you.

Now comes the negatives, but don’t worry Feliciaphiles friends, there aren’t many here. It was a bit rushed, and there are still some plot threads hanging around. What will happen with Odessa and Felicia? What’s going on with the black fox? Where will Cat and her gang go from here? All the things I would love to see answered in another one in progress, or picked up in the titles Amazing Spider-Man or MacKay’s Moon Knight.


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