Ghislaine Maxwell’s Little List of 301 Britons’ Black Books Under FBI Review


She was found guilty on five of the six counts in her sex trafficking trial and now the list of more than 300 UK associates of pedophile Ghislaine Maxwell is set to be revised after US prosecutors pledge to prosecute all people involved in his “pyramid scheme to abuse”.

According to The mirror, the names appearing in the ‘little black book’ she built with her sex offender lover Jeffrey Epstein include some of the UK’s most prominent people, including their friend Prince Andrew.

There are no allegations of wrongdoing against the individuals listed in the directory, with the FBI considering them to be potential witnesses “unless the evidence leads them elsewhere.”

A source told the Mirror : “While Epstein brought the money, Maxwell brought the contacts.

“She opened up a world for her then-lover that he could only dream of.

“Epstein was socially awkward. Some say inept. It didn’t mix well.

Ghislaine Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein – the two were lovers and friends

“But with Maxwell by his side, she gave him cover and credibility with the rich and famous.

“He was accepted into their world not because of the money but because of her.

“She provided most of the numbers in their book.

“US prosecutors have already made countless mistakes in relation to Maxwell and Epstein. Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, has sworn that those who committed a crime with them will not escape justice under his watch.

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During Maxwell’s four-week trial in New York City, the book containing the names and addresses of nearly 2,000 world leaders, athletes, royalty, celebrities and alleged victims was kept secret.

The contacts it contained allowed Maxwell and Epstein to flourish in the world’s most elite circles.

For decades, important, influential and serious people have attended their dinners, boarded his private jet “Lolita Express”, and furthered the fiction that they were New York’s power couple.

During her trial, however, defense attorneys for the disgraced socialite agreed with prosecutors not to make the 97-page directory public.

Jurors saw photos of Maxwell giving Epstein an intimate foot massage aboard his private jet
Jurors saw photos of Maxwell giving Epstein an intimate foot massage aboard his private jet

But it was made available in a previous civil case involving Andrew Virginia Giuffre’s rape accuser. The book was filled with contact details of famous friends of Maxwell and Epstein, including the Duke and former US leader Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, but was only mentioned sporadically during his sex trafficking trial.

The former presidents and the prince, along with others mentioned in the directory, have denied all charges that they were involved in allegations of sexual abuse.

Following Maxwell’s conviction on Wednesday, US Prosecutor Damian Williams made particular reference to “powerful and well connected,” saying his team would not stop until all those responsible for an offense were brought before a court.

“This office will always be on the side of the victims, will always follow the facts wherever they lead and will always fight to ensure that no one, no matter how powerful and well connected, is above the law”, a- he declared.

Some legal experts believe Maxwell, who faces up to 65 years in prison when sentenced early next year, believes she may start naming names as part of a deal to cut her time passed behind bars.

However, victims have told their lawyers they would be furious if such a deal were negotiated because they want her to serve as much time as possible.

Previously, the FBI had compiled a 2,000 page file on the friends of Andrew, Epstein and Maxwell.

The so-called Little Black Book contained 301 Britons listing over 1,000 numbers and dozens of e-mail addresses between them.

They included countless celebrities including Mick Jagger, Simon Le Bon, Phil Collins, the late Sir David Frost, Richard Branson, Naomi Campbell, Tamara Beckwith, Jonathan Dimbleby, Lloyd Grossman and many lords and ladies.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is registered once, while his former cabinet minister Lord Peter Mandelson has ten numbers, one marked “direct line”, one marked “house” and one marked “country house” .

Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer is also in attendance.

There are 16 separate phone numbers for Prince Andrew, including a cell phone number, an ex-directory marked Palace, one for Balmoral, the Queen’s private retreat in Scotland where the Prince invited Epstein, and another marked Sand, who appears to be Sandringham, the other royal retreat where he spent time.

Details of the book emerged in court documents in Virginia Giuffre’s litigation against Maxwell during their civil libel case, although it was released to media before that.

British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and American financier Jeffrey Epstein
Maxwell and Epstein have been close for over 25 years.

Epstein also recorded 18 numbers for Sarah Ferguson, who took £ 15,000 from the pedophile to help him pay off his debts.

Other global names included Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin, magician David Blaine, Bill Cosby, Rupert Murdoch and singer Courtney Love.

There is nothing to suggest that the presence of the names means that any of the characters in the book are accused of any form of wrongdoing or have met Maxwell, 60, and Epstein in person.

Ghislaine Maxwell
Ghislaine Maxwell is preparing to spend a long time behind bars

Fears over Maxwell and Epstein’s breaches overseas have led US officials to explore their hundreds of UK ties, including Andrew.

Maxwell’s conviction put more pressure on the Duke to speak to the FBI after claiming he previously refused.

Since discussing his alleged silence, Giuffre has taken legal action against the Duke, 61, accusing him of sexual abuse and rape.

She filed a lawsuit in New York City and seeks unspecified damages.

In August Giuffre, 38, sued Andrew, a father of two, claiming she was forced to have sex with him at Maxwell’s London home.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's partner accused of sex trafficking, attends his trial in court proceedings in New York, United States, December 8, 2021. REUTERS / Jane Rosenberg / File Photo
Ghislaine Maxwell.

She also claims he abused her at the billionaire’s home in Manhattan and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s second son, has “unequivocally” denied Giuffre’s allegations and accused her of seeking “another salary” in her desire to profit from her association with Epstein, which she says l ‘also abused.

Andrew’s attorneys are expected to advocate for the dismissal of Giuffre’s lawsuit on Tuesday before U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan in Manhattan.

This week the Duke made another attempt to have the case dismissed, arguing that Giuffre lives in Australia and he lives in the UK, the US has no jurisdiction over the two sides.

It came after the prince launched another aggressive legal offer earlier this month to have the lawsuit dismissed, calling it “unintelligible” and deliberately vague.

Prince Andrew with his arm around Virginia Giuffre
Prince Andrew with his arm around Virginia Giuffre when she was 17, with Ghislaine Maxwell in the background

The royal went further in his petition to dismiss the case, arguing that the law which allowed him to sue in the United States was “unconstitutional”.

His legal team argued he could not be sued under a 2009 financial deal Giuffre made with Epstein, which prevented him from suing the financier’s associates.

Details of the deal she made with Epstein are due to be released in court on Monday.

Epstein, 66, committed suicide in a Manhattan prison in August 2019 while awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking.

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