Del Rey Introduces Four New Star Wars Book Covers Coming To The Essential Legends Collection


Before Galaxy’s Edge and The High Republic, Star Wars stories have been told across the Extended Universe, and Del Rey is revising several of those stories. Today, the company shared a preview of the new covers released this fall of four fan-favorite novels from the Essential Legends Collection.

What is happening:

  • 2021 marks the Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary and to celebrate this milestone, Del Rey is expanding its collection of essential Star Wars novels from the Expanded Universe.
  • Since its beginnings in 1977 Star wars has fueled the imaginations of millions of fans. George Lucas offered this universe as a creative space for others, which has led to dozens of stories across comics, novels, video games and more.
  • Long before the Prequel and Sequel trilogies and The High Republic, the Expanded Universe further explored the stories of Luke, Han, Obi-Wan and introduced characters like Darth Bane, Mara Jade, and Grand Admiral Thrawn.
  • This year, Del Rey is sharing those stories again in their Essential Legends collection. As part of this expansion, a new bundle of commercial paperback editions will launch on September 7.

  • Some of the titles presented include:
    • Rise of the Dark Force by Timothy Zahn – Illustration by Tracie Ching
    • The last order by Timothy Zahn – Illustration by Tracie Ching
    • Darth Bane: the rule of two by Drew Karpyshyn – Work of Simon Goinard
    • Rogue Squadron by Michael A. Stackpole – Illustration by Doaly
  • Each edition will have a new book cover with original illustrations
  • In addition to the new cover, Rogue Squadron will also receive an all-new full-edition audiobook, read by Star Wars narrator Marc Thompson.
  • Del Rey will continue to add classic titles to the Essential Legends collection, with the next editions releasing in Spring 2022.

More than 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm:

  • Del Rey isn’t the only company celebrating Lucasfilm’s 50th anniversary. Hasbro has rolled out new action figures in its Star Wars: The Black Series collection, including everyone from Greedo and Han Solo To Kir kano, Jaxxon and more!
  • Here in Laughing Place, at Mike Celestino’s Who is the Bossk? Podcast presents a retrospective of the company’s various film, television and video game projects.


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