“Bookshop by the Sea” a great addition to the summer book list


Weddings, old flames and hurricanes. Put them all together and you have a new Denise Hunter novel. It’s called “Bookshop by the Sea” and it will be a perfect addition to your summer reading list.

Seaside Bookstore by Denise Hunter

Sophie Lawson has always been the rock of the family. When her mother fell ill, her father abandoned Sophie, her twin brother Seth and her little sister Jenna. Sophie put her dreams on hold to take care of her mother and see her siblings in college. After mourning the death of her mother, Sophie decides it’s time to find out where her life will take her. Sophie knows she’s ready, but Seth and Jenna may not be able to let her live her own life.

The story begins during a wedding to Jenna, Sophie’s little sister. The couple are married in Piper’s Cove, North Carolina. Sophie’s mother grew up in Piper’s Cove and the family has spent many summers there. Jenna had planned to get married there as a tribute to the many memories they had.

Sophie was planning to open a bookstore in the quaint little town. Sophie had found a location for the bookstore with a small apartment above the store where she could live. Now she just has to go through the wedding and then she can focus on her shop. Sophie had helped Jenna plan so many beautiful details for the wedding and it was Sophie’s job to make sure everything was perfect.

After the wedding, she could concentrate on her shop again. But first, she had to confront the witness, Aiden. Aiden was her high school sweetheart and he left her around the same time her father left the family. Even though Sophie had enough details to work out, she couldn’t help worrying about what would happen when she found Aiden.

The wedding itself was perfect. All the details that Jenna and Sophie had carefully planned fell into place. The only problem was that Sophie and Aiden found out that some of their old feelings may have resurfaced.

When Jenna and her husband left for the honeymoon, Sophie thought she would be able to forget about Aiden and get her life back on track. She had a bookstore to open and she couldn’t be more excited. Then a hurricane in the area changed direction and headed straight for Piper’s Cove and Aiden got stranded with no flight or hotel to stay. Her only hope was that Sophie would let him stay with her at a friend’s house.

Now the two are stranded with torrential rains, broken power lines and a lot of history. The delay put Sophie days behind her official opening date. Aiden volunteers to stay and help, but Sophie isn’t sure she can be trusted to stay this time around. He had already left her and she was afraid he would do it again.

Denise Hunter is one of my favorite authors and this book was as good as many.

Denise Ladd is Children’s Librarian at Sterling Public Library.


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