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I like a good beer. I’m about to leave for a beer tasting in Belgium, known for its lambics, Flemish reds and Trappist monasteries. So, like any good nerd would (and I know we all are), I have some beer books in the works.

There is a serious lack of diversity in published beer books and in the craft beer industry in general. NPR has covered the lack of people of color in the brewing over the years (here and here), and a leading industry site Hop cultivation addressed the issue of gender diversity. With festivals like Freshness festival and organizations like The Pink Boots Society strive for change in the industry, I think there are promises for the future. Here is hoping someone like @blackbrewculture Where @isbeeracarb is soon creating a great new book on beer! I would read it!

In the meantime, here is my big list of books for beer lovers.

I just started

The complete beer course by Josh Bernstein

Josh Bernstein is one of the foremost beer experts and journalists, and this book is a crash course in tasting beer and its different styles. It’s a great place to start learning all about beer, covered in 12 digestible lessons.

Passionate about craft beer

Brewing revolution: pioneer of the craft beer movement by Frank Appleton

It is a memoir of the man known as the founder of the Canadian craft beer movement. In the 1970s, English-trained master brewer Frank Appleton grew fed up with gigantic Canadian macrobrewery companies and withdrew from the network to settle on his property and brew his own best craft beer. It’s awesome. This book is his story with beer over the past 50 years, and it tells the story of how his innovative and creative experiments paved the way for the development of craft beer in Canada.

For gourmet beer lovers

The master brewer’s table: discover the pleasures of real beer with real food by Garret Oliver

Garret Oliver is an award-winning brewer and longtime master brewer at Brooklyn Brewery, but what’s really special about this beer book is the way he discusses the beer and food pairing. He interviewed chefs and master brewers to find beer pairings for all kinds of different styles of beer from around the world. So if you are a foodie or enjoy entertaining, this book is for you.

About beer and culture

Pain, Vin, Chocolat book coverBread, wine, chocolate: the slow loss of the foods we love through Simran seti

Listen to me. I know there is no beer in the title, but there is a chapter here on beer and beer brewing! Sethi’s book deals with the cultural significance of certain foods and the emotional connections we have with the things we eat. In this exploration of food around the world, she warns that the food industry is eroding and homogenizing on a regular basis, posing a threat, not only to our health, but also to our traditions and culture.

Untapped: Exploring the Cultural Dimensions of Craft Beer edited by Nathaniel G. Chapman, J. Slade Lellock, and Cameron D. Lippard

Untapped is a collection of 12 essays on craft beer and culture. It connects the rise of craft beer to changes in drinking culture, discusses how beer trends play into broader food trends, and asks important questions about gentrification, gender, class and race that l craft beer industry should take into account.

Very funny

The comic book story of beer: the world’s favorite drink from 7000 BC. through JNathan Hennessey (Author), Mike smith (Author), Aaron McConnell (Author, illustrator)

This is a full color graphic beer history novel that takes readers through all of the key events in beer history with some really cool artwork.

The Little Book of Craft Beer: A Guide to Over 100 of the World’s Best Beers through through Melissa Cole (Author), Stuart hardie (Illustrator)

This is a great book of gifts. It covers 100 of the world’s best beers, with illustrations, style information, and pairing information.

Goodnight Brew: A Parody for the Beer Peoplebooks for beer lovers gift books through Karla Oceanak (Author), Allie Ogg (Illustrator)

Just the way it sounds Good night infusion is a good night moon parody that takes place in a brewery at closing time! It’s really cute and surprisingly informative. It would be a great gift.

For the traveling beer lover (my favorite!)

The Bucket List: Beer: 1000 Adventures • Pubs • Brasseries • Festivals through Justin kennedy (Author)

The list of beer pails is a huge book covering the best bars, breweries, beer festivals, pub crawls and beer museums in the world. As someone who loves beer and travels myself, I skipped straight to the sections on Czech Republic pilsners and Munich beer gardens, and loved the selections they made!

Travel for beer: 101 remarkable journeys every beer lover should experience through Stephane Beaumont

This is another beer travel book featured by location. It has recommendations on everything from Bruges to Bangkok, and even includes some really unique suggestions like a Brazil Oktoberfest and some of the new craft breweries popping up in China.

If you can’t get enough of the combination of beer and books, check out these Book Riot articles on the history of beer and beer pairings for the cold season!



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