Baby’s life-size play town intrigues the internet in clip: ‘It’s amazing’


A baby is living the dream with her own life-size play town, and the internet is both intrigued and jealous.

The TikTok highlighting the play space is captioned: “Can you guess who the family favorite is? #grandchild #babiesoftiktok #playtown #thisiswhatdreamsaremadeof.”

The viral clip shared by the baby’s mother has been viewed 16.8 million times and liked 3.3 million times since it was posted on March 15. The short 14-second video, shared by TikToker @hannahshanaeor Hannah, was accompanied by music as the camera pans across the entirety of a small play town that fits in one room.

“Tell me you’re the first grandchild without telling me you’re the first grandchild,” read the text overlay screen that was also said aloud.

According to, the average amount it costs to raise a child to age 17 is $233,610 based on data from the Department of Education’s Child Expenses by Families report. United States Agriculture (USDA). Meanwhile, new research from AARP reports that grandparents spend about $2,562 a year on their grandchildren, which totals $179 billion a year.

The play city was connected with separate areas in which the baby could play. The playroom was set up for a young child and the video began with a look at a small house on the far left. There were windows and even a number like a real house. Inside, small pieces of furniture are visible as well as a fake grill outside. Next to the house was a fake hospital and further on was a store.

Next to the shop was a grocery store where the child played at the checkout. There were even fake fruits in small baskets as well as an open sign. Next to the supermarket was the school area, which was complete with hanging backpacks.

There was even a restaurant with an outdoor dining area surrounded by a small white fence. Before concluding, the video featured the baby playing at the grocery store checkout.

A baby’s life-size play town intrigues the internet in a viral TikTok. Above, a little girl wearing a hat.

In a separate video update to a TikToker’s visit request, the creator agreed. the video started on the other side of town, and gives a deeper look at every detail of the space, including inside each small area.

The restaurant had a fitted kitchen where the little baby played for the second video. There were also bookshelves and other toy appliances. Next, the school had lots of books on shelves along with a desk and chairs along with wall decals.

The grocery store included a small cart and bins with pretend food to use at the checkout. While the shop featured dresses in different shades and shelves with a vanity. Inside the hospital, dolls were arranged as patients on many beds.

Finally, the last space, which was the fictional house, had chairs and toy cleaners as well as shelving and decor inside.

Over 26,000 comments have been received on the original video featuring the city in the game, and people are impressed.

Some were admittedly jealous of the children’s play area. “Am I jealous of a…baby?” asked a TikToker.

Appreciation comments were all over the place for the space. “Wow, that’s crazy!” a viewer wrote. “So much love put in there.” The creator responded by saying, “You have no idea!”

Others made jokes about the situation. “When you’re born in a pandemic and you can’t go out in public then they build you your own private audience,” wrote one TikToker.

Some people made comments such as “It was my childhood dream” and “I’m 29 and I want it”.

People were very impressed with the details of the play town. “It looks like a children’s museum!” a viewer pointed out.

Another thinks the city is “every little kid’s dream”, adding: “So well done!”

A TikToker thinks the baby will have “years of fun” in the playground. “Pretty amazing, and she’s already shopping.”

Newsweek contacted @hannahshanae for comment.


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