Artist creates retro comic book covers for WandaVision episodes


Stunning fan art reimagines some of Disney Plus’s most memorable WandaVision moments in the style of classic Marvel comics.

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Wanda Maximoff and Vision in WandaVision

As WandaVision continues to be the most talked about show on TV, fans show their love with inventive fan art. One artist, in particular, has created fun pieces that recreate certain moments from the show in the design of old comics.

There have been a lot of great fan art related to WandaVision so far, which shows how excited people are about Marvel’s first Disney Plus series. Instagram artist ‘dvglzv’ has unveiled impressive work that pays homage to the show’s retro vibe as well as its comic book roots in multiple tracks. Each piece looks at a different moment of the show, highlighting the various time jumps and the shocking plot developments that have been featured so far.

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The pieces capture the changing aesthetic of the series from episode to episode as well as the mystery of the series that has been gradually revealed. It shows the happy marriage of the 1950s, Wanda’s discovery of the drone in the 1960s, the surprise pregnancy of the 1970s, and finally, the revelation that SWORD has been monitoring this bizarre experience from the outside all this time. The pieces also point to how the show has gotten darker as the story progresses, which begs the question of how far it will all go.

The retro comic book look of the pieces also suits the show, not only because of the way it plays with different nostalgic eras, but also how it clearly draws inspiration from some popular comedic storylines from the past. Many fans immediately recognized the influence of Vision comic book series by Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta. However, as the show continues, it’s also clear that they are borrowing elements from the classic. House of M scenario.

With the series now past its midpoint, it looks like there will be even more twists to come. Following the shocking revelation at the end of the last episode, it’s clear that WandaVision will continue to get even more bizarre and exciting while having a much bigger impact on the overall MCU than expected.

WandaVision is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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Source: Instagram | dvglzv

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