Animal Crossing Eloise Reading Room: Best Articles and Furniture Layout


Establishment of Animal crossing Eloise Reading Room is the first task that downloaders of the new DLC will need to complete. It can be difficult to determine the best items and furniture layout, which is why this guide will help you break down the process. With these tips, players will make Eloise the happiest yellow elephant in ACNH and give her a great place to read.

Top Articles for Eloise Reading Room at Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise

The best items for the Eloise Reading Room at Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise are:

  • Wooden bookcase
  • Stack of books
  • Rocking chair

As long as these items are placed in the room, it’s impossible to miss that first Heaven planning goal.

Additional items can be accessed by pressing right on the d-pad. This will open a menu filled with items provided by the Paradise planning team. As players place them around the room, Eloise will react. If she likes an item, a heart will appear.

Best layout for Eloise Reading Room at Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise

Éloïse Animal Crossing Reading Room

The best layout for the Eloise Reading Room in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise is:

  • Bookcases against the back wall.
  • Stack of books on the floor or on a table.
  • Rocking chair near the stack of books.

The above depends only on the player’s personal preferences, as Eloise will be happy no matter where the player places the three items.

We recommend that you play around with the different elements and potential layouts to make this first project a good memory. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

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