26 pantry organization ideas that will work in any size kitchen


Organizing a pantry is not an easy task. Even Ree Drummond knows it all too well! She recently showed her pantry refreshing on social media and admitted that she “immediately regretted” taking it all down at first. But, once she was done getting organized, it was pure #pantry goals. It may have left you disappointed in your own, wishing you could swap cuisines. The good news: no trade-in is necessary to spruce up your pantry! We’re sharing our top pantry organization tips to prove that your own kitchen can also become one of those utterly satisfying spaces worthy of a kitchen. Replenishment at Ree level.

First, start with a clean room: take inventory of your existing stock of food staples, including spices, sauces, cereal boxes, rice and cereals, canned goods and stored cooking supplies— by sorting out what is good and what is outdated. Next, collect all the elements by category – it is useful to organize them in transparent and stackable food storage containers. (PS A labeler is handy for this step!) But even if you don’t have a dedicated pantry in your home, these tips will still improve the way you organize your spices, baked goods, appliances, and more. For example, you can try assembling a spice drawer or invest in a coffee and tea organizer. You can also jump on the open shelving kitchen trend and turn floating shelves into a DIY pantry that displays Spice jars and glass canisters. They might even inspire greater kitchen storage ideas to make the whole room more stylish and tidy.

Kevin J. Miyazaki


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