10 Best Spider-Man Comic Book Covers of the Last Decade


The old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” holds true, but when it comes to comics, the cover is one of its biggest selling features. It’s the first thing comic book readers see before buying a book. The Spider-Man books have featured some of the greatest covers, and Marvel Comics often uses big-name artists to do special covers, helping to promote their books.

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Over the past 10 years, amazing spider man and other Spidey titles have had beautiful illustrated covers by legendary comic book artists like Alex Ross, Patrick Gleason, and Ryan Stegman. The best Spider-Man covers show new eras for the character, hark back to classic story arcs, and feature alluring graphic designs.

ten Amazing Spider-Man 2018 Annual By ACO

ACO is a comic artist who has contributed to the covers of many Marvel series such as Nick Fury, Doctor Doomand Weird X-Men. His work on amazing spider man to be found on the cover of the 2018 edition ASM annual issue. This issue, written by Saladin Ahmed, took readers back to when Peter first wore the symbiote suit.

Unaware of the suit’s true nature, Peter’s body is taken for a ride as the symbiote uses him as a vessel. The problem is accentuated by ACO’s beautiful cover which displays the shiny design of the Spider-Man in the black suit. The shadow of Venom in the background is reminiscent of the nightmarish sequence of Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

9 Spider-Man: Life Story #3 By Chip Zdarsky

Each cover for all six issues Spider-Man: Life Story the mini-series is beautiful, but the cover of the issue #3 by Chip Zdarsky is particularly striking. life story follows the life of Spider-Man as if time moves like in the real world. Peter’s body is aging and his reflexes are slowing down, so he dons the symbiote in question #3. This story adapts the legendary arc “Kraven’s Last Hunt”.

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The simplistic cover features a black-suited Spider-Man lying in a coffin, while missiles and a spider descend on him. The cover is a callback to the memorable image of Spidey rising from his grave, referencing the real world events of that decade.

8 Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #798 By Alex Ross

Alex Ross is truly one of the greatest comic book artists of all time. He didn’t just illustrate some of the most successful comics, like DC’s kingdom comebut it provided a nice cover for amazing spider man and other Marvel titles. During the “Worldwide” era of Dan Slott’s Spider-Man, Ross drew covers for dozens of issues.

One of his biggest covers appeared on ASM #798. at Slotts ASM the race was coming to an end and Norman Osborn had returned as the Green Goblin. Spidey battled one of his deadliest foes in the issue and on the cover. Ross’s cover depicts a classic confrontation between the two enemies that could easily be an homage to early Spidey covers drawn by Steve Ditko or John Romita.

7 Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #13 By Olivier Coipel

In 2015, Dan Slott led the Spidey offices with the launch of the “Spider-Verse” crossover event. “Spider-Verse” has been retold in half a dozen spider books as ASM, spider womanand Edge of Spider-Verse. The covers for this crossover event were gorgeous, depicting dozens of alternate universe Spider-Men and Women variants, and Olivier Coipel’s cover for ASM #13 was no exception.

Bruised and bloodied, Peter Parker leads a team of Spider-People into battle on dynamic and exciting cover. “Spider-Verse” is an arc that every Spider-Man fan should read. The story is a fun and wild ride that includes just about every iteration of Spidey from the comics and beyond.

6 Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #800 By Alex Ross

Alex Ross provided covers for just about every issue of amazing spider manthe fourth volume. Dan Slott’s legendary run was coming to an end in ASM #800 with another beautifully painted cover by Ross. The cover is reminiscent of Silver Age Spider-Man covers like “Turning Point”. Spidey is overshadowed by the villainous Red Goblin as the floating heads of his friends and family watch in horror.

ASM #800 is an action-packed number featuring an epic showdown with the Red Goblin, a powerful fusion of Norman Osborn and Carnage. Everything in this issue, from the script, to the interior art, to the Ross cover, ends Slott’s run on a high note.

5 Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #1 By Humberto Ramos

Peter Parker’s “death” in the “Dying Wish” arc was very heartbreaking, especially since Doc Ock was left running around in his body. Fortunately, Octavius ​​learned the lessons of power and responsibility, and Peter fought his way back to the surface of his mind. the Superior Spider-Man The era lasted for several years, and while it was an enjoyable time, fans were thrilled at Peter’s eventual return.

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Fans’ excitement was captured by Humberto Ramos when he designed the cover of amazing spider man Flight. 3 #1. Peter Parker is back and happier than ever. Ramos always features Spider-Man in forceful, over-the-top poses and his portrayal of Peter on this cover is spot-on.

4 Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1 by Brian Stelfreeze

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1, released in December 2018, promised a new era for the character and the series. Written by Saladin Ahmed and illustrated by Javier Garron, the comic delivered. Miles is Spider-Man, and he proves that more than one person can use the Spidey title, leading some fans to root for Miles as Spidey’s new successor over Ben Reilly.

Illustrated by Brian Stelfreeze, the cover is gorgeous and striking with a silhouette of Miles illuminated by a collection of lit city windows behind him, with the red of his suit overemphasized. Despite the clutter of building lights, the cover design is both simple and memorable.

3 Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 #1 By Ryan Stegman

The launch of the Superior Spider-Man The series marked a new era for Spider-Man comics. This new “Superior” era has lasted much longer than readers expected. Some fans thought Doc Ock would stick around in Peter’s body for a few issues at most, but Otto ruled the main Spider-Man title for years.

Superior Spider-Man was bold, inventive and incredibly enjoyable. When the series launched, artist Ryan Stegman provided the interior and cover art. Its covers were striking, with Spidey often depicted in silhouettes. MSS #1 was particularly memorable, as an Otto-controlled Spidey crawled menacingly towards the readers.

2 Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5 #55 By Patrick Gleason

The cover at ASM #55 is one of the most visually striking Spider-Man covers of all time. Patrick Gleason, famous for his work on DC Comics as Superman and Green Lantern Corpsjumped on Marvel Comics and joined Nick Spencer’s run on amazing spider man.

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Gleason’s interior art for the books is stellar, but his cover could be even better. ASM #55 was the end of the “Last Remains” story arc, and Gleason delivered a beautiful, yet terrifying cover. Spider-Man’s mask is made up of thousands of strands of spider web in an image that is as haunting as it is dizzying.

1 Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #700 By M. Garcin

Artist M. Garcin is known for his incredible collages and the art he has created for ASM #700 may be one of his best plays. This is surely one of the most appealing Spider-Man comic book covers of all time. The cover is one that readers can stare at for hours, picking out all of the different Spider-Man poses drawn over 50 years.

The cover fits the story well. ASM #700 was the end of an era, replaced by the “Superior” era of Doctor Octopus. This issue and the entire “Dying Wish” story was one of Dan Slott’s greatest contributions to amazing spider man. The story inside was moving and heartbreaking while the cover sparked nostalgia.

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